Bamboo Mattress Benefits

by Si

Bamboo Mattress Benefits

by Si

by Si

Bamboo Mattress Benefits

Are you in the market for a new bed? Why not consider a bamboo mattress? Yes, we’re talking about the long-stemmed plant found growing in groves all around the world.

Fabric manufacturers process bamboo stems to remove the fibers for use in textiles, creating a bamboo fabric that’s woven in with other synthetics like polyester to form hybrid materials used in mattress manufacturing.

So, why bamboo? It’s light, moisture-absorbing, and breathable, making it the ideal fabric for use on your new mattress.

What is a Bamboo Mattress?

A bamboo mattress combines memory foam materials and springs in hybrid mattress design. Most manufacturers will construct their beds using memory foam products, or a hybrid combination of foam and springs.

The manufacturer then wraps the internal components in a cover to provide the final layer of comfort. There are various types of mattress covers available, but most use some synthetic fabric. Bamboo textiles make an excellent mattress cover, the light and airy fabrics breathe well, allowing you to sleep cool while wicking away moisture from your body.

Some manufacturers also add charcoal bamboo into the memory foam of their mattresses. This construction strategy provides the bed with better anti-microbial properties while improving heat dispersion.

Bamboo Mattress Benefits

Sleeping on a bamboo mattress has plenty of benefits. Here are our top reasons why you should go with bamboo for your new bed.

Hypoallergenic Properties

People that suffer from allergies will love the bamboo mattress. Bamboo has unique anti-microbial properties that make it resistant to bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can infest your bedding, leading to allergy attacks. As a result, the pathogens can’t settle on the bed and find their way onto your skin.

Bamboo also does a fantastic job of trapping pollen and dust particles that may set off your allergies. By sleeping on bamboo, you ensure you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning – You won’t have to worry about puffy eyes and an inflamed sinus in the morning anymore.

Manage Temperature Regulation

If you live in a warm and humid region of the United States, a bamboo mattress is ideal for your bedroom. Bamboo breathes well, allowing for better airflow throughout the layers of the bed. Memory foam is well-known to trap body heat, resulting in you waking up in a pool of your sweat during the night.

If you sleep hot, then a bamboo mattress can solve your perspiration problems with its airflow enhancement. The porous bamboo fibers promote optimal airflow while you sleep, keeping you cool and dry in the warmest climates.

Free from Toxic Compounds

All mattresses experience some sort of off-gassing after manufacturer. The glues and fabrics used in the construction of the bed end up turning to vapor and “gassing-off.” Most manufacturers gas-off their products before packaging and shipping the product to the customer.

The gas-off vapors include VOCs, (volatile organic compounds), such as formaldehyde, and toluene. The manufacturer will ensure these VOCs are gone before they ship you the mattress.

However, after opening your mattress on your bed frame, you may notice that there’s a chemical smell similar to the new car smell you get when you drive an automobile off the showroom floor. These vapors are harmless, and they will fade away after a few days.

Bamboo mattresses have fewer toxic compounds, meaning that they take less time to gas-off, and release fewer VOCs.

Natural Fragrance

After unboxing the bed and leaving it to uncompress in the bed frame for a few days, you’ll notice the odors floating through the room. Some memory foam mattresses with synthetic covers take a few months to completely gas-off. In the meantime, you have a smelly bed.

Similarly, memory foam is absorbent, and if you spill anything on the bed, it’s likely to absorb the odor of the liquid. A mattress featuring a bamboo cover always smells fresh., the hypoallergenic properties and the low VOC gas-off means that your bamboo mattress will absorb foul odors, rather than release them.

If you spill anything on the bed, the fiber design provides some water resistance, allowing you to wick away the liquid before it settles into the mattress.

Optimal Spinal Support

Bamboo mattress covers feature on the top-of-the-line products available. If you’re buying a bamboo mattress, you can rest assured in the fact that you’re purchasing a bed that offers excellent spinal support and comfort.

Sensitive Skin Protection

The hypoallergenic bamboo cover on your mattress ensures that your skin remains calm and feels soft. People who are living with the skin disorder, eczema or psoriasis, may find that some mattress covers may flare their symptoms.

A bamboo mattress traps all the dust and allergenic particles in the mattress cover, preventing the irritants from getting to your skin.

Repel Bed Bugs and Mites

If you live near the coastline or in the city, then bed bugs might be a cause for concern. Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed off of human blood. These bugs leave small little red bite marks on your skin that itch.

The bugs burrow into your mattress and come out at night to feed. Since these bugs can carry deadly blood-borne diseases, you’ll have to torch your bed if it’s contaminated.

The hypoallergenic properties of a bamboo mattress resist bed bug infestation, keeping you safe from these pesky little critters. A bamboo cover also stops mites from colonizing your bedding as well.

The Best Bamboo Mattress Brands

We spent some time investigating and reviewing the products available from top leading brands. We believe that the following three manufacturers offer the best deal for bamboo mattresses. Want to see the best bamboo mattresses? Read our Bamboo Mattress Buying Guide

Cariloha Bamboo Mattress


Cariloha’s signature Bamboo Comfort mattress offers bamboo-infused charcoal memory foam for excellent breathability and optimal airflow throughout the bed. The cover is soft and plush and made from viscose bamboo. Interested in Cariloha Bamboo mattress, read our full review

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Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Mattress

This mattress features gel-infused memory foam for a more refreshing sleeping experience than traditional memory foam mattresses. The bamboo-derived cover provides excellent airflow and comfort.


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Lucid 12 Inch Bamboo Mattress

This 12-inch plush hybrid mattress features temperature-regulating gel-infused memory foam, as well as antimicrobial bamboo charcoal. The mattress conforms to your body, providing a luxuriously soft sleeping experience. Read our detailed Lucid Mattress Review

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Bamboo Mattress Benefits – Wrap Up

Bamboo mattresses may cost a little more than a regular mattress cover, but considering the benefits on offer from the material – it’s a must-have for your next bed. The hypoallergenic properties, along with the breathable fiber, means that you’ll never wake up feeling sweaty again.

Anyone of the three manufacturers mentioned above will provide you with an excellent mattress for your new bed. Pick the mattress that suits your ideal firmness and budget, and enjoy peaceful nights for years to come!


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