Bear Mattress Review

Bear Mattress Review

by Si

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Bear Mattress Review

The Bear mattress is a high-quality foam mattress that provides a very soft sleeping experience while also offering support for the sleeper. The mattress is made of ecologically friendly material, and the manufacturer donates a portion of all their proceeds to charity, giving an extra incentive to those who want to make sure their purchase has a positive effect on the world around them. In terms of quality, the Bear mattress does a good job of providing firmness despite a lack of coils. It also maintains a consistent temperature, allowing the mattress to avoid overheating over the course of a long night’s sleep.

Mattress Type

The Bear mattress is a memory foam mattress that uses four different layers of foam beneath a breathable cover. It is made without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, or other harmful chemicals. The mattress provides the best fit for those who sleep on their backs or sides, although it also has enough support to give stomach sleepers a good night’s sleep as well. Those who switch sleeping styles during the night will also find support with the Bear mattress, although there is a good chance that they will move around less after trying this mattress. The soft, supportive, and breathable foam layers are specifically calibrated to help reduce tossing and turning, which tends to lead to a much better night of sleep.


The biggest benefit of the Bear mattress is the efficiency with which the foam cools to meet the ambient temperature of the room. This makes it especially useful for active individuals who sleep better in a colder environment. The mattress also provides excellent bounce and firmness. At a relatively low price point, the Bear mattress provides most customers with their money’s worth.


On the negative side of the equation, the memory foam of the Bear mattress works best in the center of the bed. This means that edge support is less reliable, and the mattress loses its firmness if you sleep very close to the edge. The mattress typically has very good support for all body types, but those who are heavier may find themselves sinking more deeply into the foam than they would like.

Bear Mattress Layers

As mentioned, this mattress features four layers of comfortable foam in addition to a breathable cover, with each layer serving a specific and unique purpose. The layers of the Bear mattress are as follows:

bear mattress layers
  1. Breathable Celliant® Cover
  2. Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam
  3. Responsive Comfort Foam
  4. Transitional Performance Foam
  5. High-Density Support Foam

The cover is made from a breathable Celliant weave. This helps to keep the mattress together and makes sure that air flows properly through the foam.

The first foam layer is made of cooling graphite-gel memory foam. This uses the cooling properties of graphite to help remove unwanted heat and keep the mattress temperature consistent with the air temperature of the room. If you want to sleep hotter or cooler than normal, you can simply turn the heat up or down and this layer will adjust to match the temperature you desire.

Next comes a layer of responsive comfort foam. This layer provides the mattress with its bounce, and contours against the body when a sleeper lies down upon it. Below the comfort layer is a layer of transitional performance foam. This helps transition from softness to firm support. It also provides relief for pressure points, ensuring that the body receives the high level of support that it needs for a comfortable night of sleep.

Finally comes a breathable base of high-density support foam. This provides the mattress with its firmness and durability. The breathability of the base also promotes better airflow in the bottom layers of the mattress so heat doesn’t get trapped.

Bed Frame Compatibility

As a memory foam mattress, the Bear mattress works best when it is used in conjunction with a bed frame that provides a consistent level of support from the base. This includes platform bases and adjustable frames. It can also include slatted frames, as long as the slats are at least two inches in width and no more than three inches apart from one another. You can even lie the Bear mattress down on the floor and have a comfortable night of sleep, although some people might find getting up from the 10-inch height of the mattress a little awkward in the morning.


The Bear mattress provides a user-friendly warranty which matches the industry standard for mattresses. Shipping and returns are completely free within the continental United States. Returns can be handled via pickup, removing the hassle from that process. A customer buying the Bear mattress must give the product 30 days before initiating the return process, but after that they can return it anytime within a 100 night trial period. The Bear mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers defects or damage to the mattress. This is a standard warranty for the industry, although some of the Bear mattress’ competitors offer better warranties.

Overall, the Bear mattress is a very effective and affordable memory foam mattress that is made from environmentally friendly materials. It is ideal for those who are concerned about having a cool, reliable mattress that will retain its shape even after years of use. As long as you don’t sleep on the very edge of the bed, this mattress should provide you with the support you need.

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