Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

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Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

The two main keys to a good night’s sleep are strong support for your body and a cool, consistent temperature. The Layla mattress is designed to give both you both of those things. Multiple memory foam layers help to cushion your hips, shoulders, and back, boasting more support than a typical mattress. The Layla Mattress also uses copper fibers to help regulate temperature, allowing the mattress to absorb excess body heat so you don’t get too warm during the night. Lets dive into our Layla Mattress Review and find out more

Mattress Type

The Layla mattress is a memory foam mattress with four separate layers designed to provide firmness while also venting air to allow a controlled temperature throughout the night, whether you sleep under a thick layer of blankets or prefer nothing more than a cool, comfortable sheet. In addition to these foam layers, the mattress has a cover woven with copper fibers that helps to keep the surface cool. The mattress fits most sleeping styles, including people who sleep on their stomachs, sides, and backs. The mattress is also soft enough to provide adults with comfort while firm enough that small children can sleep on it without an increased risk of airway blockage.

Layla Mattress has two comfort levels in one mattress. Known as having flippable firmness, flip the mattress to get Medium Soft Comfort or flip again and get Firm Comfort.

Layla Mattress Firmness

Mattress Materials

The Layla mattress boasts “flippable firmness,” which means that its four foam layers can be changed to increase the level of softness or firmness as needed. Each layer uses high-quality foam, and the top and bottom layers use copper-infused foam to provide better heat transfer. The four layers of the Layla mattress and their properties are as follows:

3" Copper Infused Memory Foam

The top layer is a three-inch copper-infused sheet of memory foam that is designed to promote softness and comfort during a night of sleep. The copper-infused foam has a 3.5-pound density and antimicrobial properties to help promote cleanliness. The copper infusion provides rapid heat transfer to help control the mattress temperature.

Layla Mattress Layers

2" Convoluted Support Foam

Below that layer is a two-inch layer of 1.8-pound density support foam. This foam has deep convolutions throughout which helps to promote better airflow. This is an essential layer not only in terms of keeping the mattress cool but also to make sure that the foam regains its shape after a night of sleep.

4.5" Base Support Foam

Next comes the base support layer. This 4.5-inch layer is made of two-pound density memory foam, providing strong support for the back, shoulders, and hips. While the upper layers deliver a cool and soft sleep, this layer is essential for providing support for all sleeping styles. It also helps to limit tossing and turning through the night.

1" Copper Infused Memory Foam

Finally, the bottom layer of the mattress is a one-inch layer of copper infused memory foam. This layer is identical to the foam used on the top layer and is the key to the “flippable firmness” that makes the Layla mattress appealing to many. If you flip the mattress, the top layer remains the same but is thinner with a support layer directly underneath and the softer layers at the bottom. This creates a firmer night of sleep without compromising the other qualities of the mattress.

Mattress Performance

Edge Support

Mattress edge support is very important for everyone, as it stops you from rolling off the bed at night and gives you a safe sleep. Overall Layla Mattress has an average edge support, once sat on the memory foam mattress sinks down, but once laid on the edge support is fine. Its generally quite hard for a memory foam mattress to have excellent edge support, when compared to mattresses which have innersprings.

Material Quality

Layla Mattress is made from very fine quality materials and is CertiPur-US certified, meaning this mattress is free from toxins and safe for you to sleep on. This eco friendly mattress is very durable and made with a low carbon footprint.

Layla Mattress Reviews

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is very important for a good nights sleep, especially if are sharing your bed with a partner.If a mattress has bad motion transfer then this will cause disturbance in your sleep, especially if your partners gets up before you or goes toilet in the middle of the night. The Layla mattress has excellent motion transfer, not moving much when your partner moves around, with a top layer memory foam, this mattress is excellent choice for those who share a bed.

Off Gassing

The Layla mattress has very mild factory smell, when you first open it, however this quickly fades after the mattress has fully expanded. Make sure to open the mattress in an aired room, so the smells travels out of your room


Layla mattress is great value for money. With the advanced cooling features, it feels like you are getting a premium high end mattress, but for a cheaper price. Make sure to look out for coupons and offers before purchasing

Firmness & Support

This flippable mattress gives customers the option to choose 2 firmness levels, if you find one side isn’t firm enough, then flip the mattress and try the other side. If you sleep on your back or stomach, then you may like the firm side, however if you are a side sleeper, then the firm side may be right for you.


The Layla mattress is a very cooling mattress, with a copper infused foam and a Thermogel infused mattress cover. As the mattress has copper infused, this helps to keep you cool and supports blood circulation whilst you sleep.


Layla mattress has a 120 night trial period, giving you 4 months to try the mattress and to see if this is right mattress for you.


Customers who have tried the Layla mattress generally report being very satisfied with the copper-infused memory foam. They also appreciate the Layla brand’s high degree of flexibility, as the mattress can change firmness with a simple flip. The cooling gel inside the mattress is very effective at wicking heat, providing a consistently cool night of sleep even months (and eventually years) after the initial use. The Layla mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, discussed in more detail below, which provides customers with a great deal of peace of mind.


Among the relatively few cons for this product is the fact that customers occasionally report a new mattress smell with the product. This likely comes from the rather unique blend of materials used in the Layla mattress, though the odor thankfully dissipates a few days after unpacking.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The flexibility of the Layla mattress makes it a good choice for most foundation types. A solid platform, adjustable base, or even the floor can provide extra firmness, although a Layla mattress on the floor may not get as much airflow as desired. A box spring or foundation provides a sturdy base with some extra airflow, as additional heat wicks out through the bottom of the mattress. A slatted base also works, but you need to make sure that the slats are no more than three inches apart. Wider slats than that do not provide the level of support that allows the Layla mattress to work as intended.

Warranty Information

With so many materials that are unique to the Layla mattress, this product needs a strong warranty in case something goes wrong. Luckily, the company provides that. From purchase through the life of the mattress, the deals you get are significant. Shipping is free within the continental United States, although there is a $125 flat fee for shipping elsewhere. Customers get a 120 night trial period, during which time they can return the Layla mattress if they find it unsatisfactory. Finally, the mattress comes with a lifetime warranty that covers, among other things, sagging or body impressions of more than one inch.

Overall, the Layla mattress is a new and exciting brand that uses copper-infused foam to provide an excellent night of sleep. With a good trial period and very generous warranty, people who purchased the Layla mattress found themselves eager to keep their new mattress and enjoy its many benefits.

Layla Mattress Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How firm is the Layla Mattress?

A. The Layla Mattress has two level of firmness, soft one side and firm on the other, The firm side is rated 7 out of 10 on firmness. Try both side and see which side is best for you

Q. Is the Layla Mattress ideal for side sleepers?

A. The soft side of the Layla Mattress was made for side sleepers. It provides a nice amount of sink and support for your pressure points. Giving you full support for your hip, lower back and shoulder.

Q. Is the Layla Mattress a cooling mattress?

A. The Layla Mattress has a copper infused memory foam layer, which absorbs body heat and transfer it away from your body whilst you sleep. The mattress also comes with a thermo gel cover, thermo gel is a good cooling agent and will cool your body down once it starts to raise.

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