Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review

by Si

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Leesa Mattress Reviews

The Leesa mattress promises to be one of the best quality ones that you can buy, especially if you have any special sleeping needs – but how does it match up, and what’s the Leesa really made of when you look under the cover? There are many important factors that go into choosing a new bed, and what you sleep on can affect so much of your waking life that you really need to put a lot of thought into just which model you go for.

The first impression of a mattress shouldn’t just be about the comfort it offers when you try it for the first tie; it should also be about what’s going on under the hood, so to speak: It’s these factors that will influence just how well your mattress performs over time, and how well it’s able to hold up against environmental factors and stress.

Here’s more about the main composition of the Leesa mattress, what it’s made from, the main pros and cons as well as more information about just how compatible the mattress is with use for a bed frame.

Mattress Type

A mattress isn’t just a mattress, and you won’t get the same sleep on one type of mattress that you will on another. This is the first fact that you’ll have to make peace with when you’re buying a new mattress, and you’ll want to be very sure that you’ve bought the right type for your individual needs.
The wrong mattress for your body type can be uncomfortable, painful and it can cost you a whole lot of sleep in the long run. Why suffer through this when you could have just bought a new mattress – the right one for your individual sleeping needs?
The Leesa is great because it’s made from foam – and they use only the highest quality foam during their production to ensure that you’re getting the best possible sleep. It’s made to be long-lasting, and it’s designed with heat and weight distribution in mind.


  • Offers you a great, comfortable sleeping experience – and this doesn’t diminish with time.
  • The materials are durable and hypoallergenic, coming with a guarantee that they won’t trigger allergies – not now and not in ten years.
  • Stays firm even after several years of use, and the bed will stay as comfortable as the first day you bought it for a long time.


  • Offers you a great, comfortable sleeping experience – and this doesn’t diminish with time.
  • The materials are durable and hypoallergenic, coming with a guarantee that they won’t trigger allergies – not now and not in ten years.
  • Stays firm even after several years of use, and the bed will stay as comfortable as the first day you bought it for a long time.

Leesa Mattress Layers

Material is one of the most important factors when you’re buying a mattress, and there are several different reasons why the material your mattress is made of on both the inside and out are so important. Here’s why:

  • Material influences just how well your mattress will breathe during hot nights.
  • Many materials are known for lasting longer than others.
  • Materials don’t just need to be durable and breathe at night, they also have to be comfortable to sleep on – and hypoallergenic as much as possible so that they don’t trap stains, smells or allergies in the fabric.
Leesa Mattress Reviews Layers

First Layer

The top of the Leesa mattress is made from what they call “comfort foam” – this is their patented LSA200 fabric foam, and it’s guaranteed to be both hypoallergenic and comfortable at the same time. It’s made to stay cool throughout the night, and this is one of the most important features if you’re already a type of sleeper who needs to turn their pillow several times a night to feel like they’re comfortable.

Second Layer

The second layer of the Leesa is made from the highest quality memory foam, also guaranteed to be entirely hypoallergenic and great for anyone who is sensitive to certain fabrics and needs to make a change. The memory foam conforms to the individual shape of your body, and it’s great for almost any type of sleeper – even those who switch back and forth between sleeping positions throughout the night.

Memory foam is also great for many other reasons, including the recovery of specific injuries to the body that might not be comfortable on any other mattress. If you have specific needs for your sleep and you find that sleeping on your current mattress is uncomfortable or painful, the Leesa can make a great choice to switch to.

Third Layer

The third layer is what forms the base of the Leesa mattress; this makes up the bulk of the mattresses’ shape, which means that it’s the most important factor for the bed’s long-term balance. If you’ve ever slept on a bed that doesn’t have a good base, you’ll realize why it’s so important to find one that matches – and the uttermost bottom layer of the Leesa is made up out of what they call dense core foam. This third layer is 6” thick, ensuring that the mattress has a comfortable and strong base that adds to the comfort of the rest of the bed and compliments the other two layers on top of this one perfectly.

While any of these three layers might not have felt particularly impressive if you were to sleep on them by themselves, it’s the combination of these three layers that makes it impressive – and when these layers are put together, it makes for a great and high quality bed that can easily stand up to use for several years if good care is taken.

Mattress Performance

Mattress performance is one of the most important things that you’ll need to consider when you’re weighing up the options for which mattress you should choose – after all, that’s why you’re reading a review in the first place. Performance isn’t just about how the entire mattress feels when you sit on it, other factors are also vitally important when choosing your mattress – things like the quality of the material, the motion transfer, the edge support and the overall value.

These factors are all what helps to separate a good mattress from an average one, and choosing the right combination of these factors is what helps you to make sure the mattress you choose is perfect for your needs. If any of these factors like the support or value of the mattress weren’t spot on for you, would you buy the mattress?

Most people don’t put this much thought into buying their mattress, especially not if it’s the first one they’re ever buying – and that’s the worst mistake they make that’s what leads to the fact that they’ll have to buy another mattress soon enough. When buying a mattress, consider all of the individual factors for the performance to find the best possible mattress for your individual sleeping needs – and it’ll save you a lot of money and time in the long run, it might even help to save your sleep. Here’s how the Leesa mattress compares to the other options available on the market when it comes to the most essential features that define just how well you’ll be sleeping on it for the next however many years to come.

Edge Support

What is edge support and why does it matter to your mattress? Edge support is the type of support that your bed offers around the edging and if your mattress doesn’t have decent edge support, you’ll quickly notice that the edge of the bed becomes “sunken in.”

This will happen faster if you’re putting your legs over the side of the bed – or sitting on the edge more often – and it can be disastrous. This is a factor that can destroy the comfort that you thought your mattress might have had a week or two after you got it.  Proper edge support is important because it offers you the right level of comfort, and it’s a sure sign that points to the overall quality of the bed.

How does the Leesa mattress perform when it comes to this vital mattress quality? Edge support is firm – and the best thing about it is the fact that it’s guaranteed to stay firm for years, even when put under pressure: For the best possible support, it’s been designed that way.

Material Quality

Material quality matters – and it’s not just about how comfortable the material is to sleep on.
It also happens to matter just how breathable the fabric is: You’ll sleep a lot more comfortably when the cover of your mattress is made from high quality material that’s guaranteed not to trigger allergies or irritate the skin. One sign of fabric that doesn’t breathe in the way that it should is severe night sweats, or waking up at night feeling hot and sticky regardless of the temperature outside the environment.

Another factor that matters when it comes to the quality of the material is whether or not the material is considered to be hypoallergenic. Many fabrics and mattress stuffers are not, and people will wonder why they have chronic issues with allergies while not realizing that it just might be their bed.

The Leesa brand consistently prides themselves on providing customers with the best possible mattress they can produce – from the best possible quality materials. That’s their personal product guarantee, and it’s the same promise that they’ve included in their product warranty, which is always a sign that a manufacturer places a lot of trust in the quality of their own product.

Motion Transfer

Have you ever shared a bed with a particularly vibrant sleeper and been able to feel it when they turned around in any direction – every single time throughout the night? This should show you the importance of motion transfer; or, just think of the old infomercial that showed how they drop a bowling ball on a terrible mattress and knock over a set of bowling pegs. What you’re looking at right there is motion transfer – and you want as little as possible of this in a quality mattress.

Motion transfer is never good, and it can be pretty annoying when you’re trying to get a decent night’s worth of sleep.You’ll be glad to know that motion transfer isn’t a problem when we’re talking about the Leesa mattresses; since all of the mattresses that leave the factory for shipping have been tested before being packed, and this ensures that the motion transfer is kept to a minimum: If a product doesn’t pass their strict quality control, it doesn’t make it outside the factory.

Off Gassing

Off-gassing is a chemical phenomenon that commonly occurs in products made from memory foam (or treated with certain preservative chemicals) – for a few hours, there’s usually a slight chemical smell attached to the mattress that should be “aired” in order to get rid of it. If you’ve never owned anything that created this reaction before, imagine that your mattress comes with a new car smell – except instead of a new car smell, it’s a little bit like a weird, stinging chemical odor instead.

It’s something that you can’t keep from happening, especially when a product contains or is either made entirely out of memory foam: The good news is that the smell typically disappears after a few hours if you leave it in a room with the door closed and the windows open to allow the mattress to air properly.

How does the Leesa mattress match up when it comes to off-gassing? Honestly, it’s one of the best options out there with the least possible level of off-gassing, which is ideal if you don’t have the time or inclination to let your mattress air – or you have to get one into a smaller apartment where the smell can become trapped.

Leesa Mattress

Firmness and Support

Firmness and support can be called two of the most important defining factors when you’re choosing your mattress: You aren’t going to buy a mattress that doesn’t offer you the right amount of support, and you won’t sleep comfortably on a mattress that doesn’t have the right amount of firmness – and no performance with any other factor is going to make it feel any better if it’s an average or bad mattress.

Comfortable mattresses when it comes to firmness and support can be the best possible thing that you ever do for your back, and it can even be enough to sort out health conditions such as insomnia or neck pain that are directly related to the way that you sleep – and what you’re sleeping on. It’s also important for a mattress to retain this comfort and firmness over time.
These qualities should be as important to a mattress manufacturer as they are to the person who buys the mattress – that’ll be you in this equation. Leesa has always put a great deal of importance on the firmness and support that their mattresses offer, and their warranty reflects just how much confidence they have in this fact.

If it’s not the best mattress that you’ve ever slept on, they even give you the option of returning the product to the factory for a better fit. That’s some real confidence in their own product – and it can be a great deciding factor when you’re picking your mattress.


Temperature really matters when it comes to the type of mattress you choose. Nobody wants to sleep on a mattress that gets too hot or too cold, and if you’re waking up in the morning or at night feeling sweaty, sticky or like you’ve had a fever, it could be because your bed can’t keep itself regulated at the optimal body temperature for your individual needs.
This is an important thing when it comes to a mattress – and it should be one of the most important factors when you’re choosing your mattress, or it’s going to become a potential nightmare for you when you find that it’s not a great sleep.

Leesa beds are made from a combination of three different materials, and these materials ensure that the bed stays at the right temperature for optimal comfort throughout the night – and it’s a quality that sticks.


All Leesa mattresses are covered by a ten year warranty, which really shows just how confident they are that their product is an excellent one – and if anything happens to go wrong during this ten year period during which you own your mattress, you’re welcome to send it back to the factory and they’re happy to furnish you with a great new mattress that’s in the same great condition as the Leesa you received in the beginning.


The manufacturers of the Leesa range are so confident that you’ll be happy with their product that you can put it to test for a special 90 day trial – during this time, you can decide whether or not the beds are suited to your individual sleeping needs, and 90 days is more than enough to establish a clear opinion about whether or not you like a bed, and what it’s doing for your back and general health.

If you like the bed and would like to keep it, congratulations on finding the right mattress for your needs – but if, for any reason, it’s not the right fit for what you need, they’re happy to take it back to the warehouse with your feedback.

Mattress Guarantee

Leesa also ships out all their products with a guarantee that they’ve been tested for quality – and you’ll know that the materials that make up the three layers are the highest possible quality that they could produce in their factory. Quality matters, and it makes this mattress a great choice for anyone looking for a great quality mattress that will last for a long time without wearing.

While a lot of manufacturers will cut corners when it comes to the quality of the material, Leesa only makes use of durable hypoallergenic materials – and this testing phase is conducted on the mattress before it makes its way to the factory for shipping or display to make sure that all mattresses that come off the production line are made of the same excellent quality material that you’d expect.

Bed Frame Compatibility

How compatible a mattress is with your bed frame is a pretty important factor if you like having your bed raised above the ground a little. It’s also pretty important if you’d like to match up an existing bed frame that you already have with a new mattress.

The Leesa works just fine on a bed frame – and it’s been designed to still offer you just as much support whether you’re adding it to a bed frame or not. That’s part of what makes it a great choice.

Leesa Mattress Range

Leesa is a well-trusted brand when it comes to providing mattresses, but you should know that this isn’t all the Leesa brand is about. They don’t just specialize in mattresses, they specialize in good sleep, and they have an entire range of products that you can choose from if you’re looking for more to compliment the mattress that you’d like to buy, or add that necessary amount of luxury to how you sleep at night.

Pillow and Hybrid Pillow

You can’t have a comfortable night’s sleep without pillows, and the wrong type of pillows for your sleep needs can be one of the largest contributing factors to neck pain and sleep disorders like insomnia. Buying a new mattress means that you don’t want to hang on to the same types of pillows that you’ve had for the past ten years – and Leesa offers a great range of regular pillows, memory foam pillows or hybrid pillows that offer excellent support in conjunction with the bed.

Bed Sheets & Blankets

Bed sheets do more than just cover up your bed – they add to the level of comfort, and there’s nothing better than sleeping under fresh bed sheets; if you’re replacing your mattress with a new one, Leesa also offers a huge range of bed sheets that have been made from the highest quality hypoallergenic materials and are guaranteed to last for a long time.

Leesa offers a wide variety of blankets for sale and you’re bound to find something that suits your needs whether you’re looking for a heavier throw or spread to cover your mattress or something lighter and airier for those really warm nights. Like with the rest of the products available through Leesa, they believe in consistent quality – and can provide you with a great blanket that fits your needs no matter what.

Adjustable Base & Platform Bed

It can be a battle to find the right base for your mattress, but you can cut out a lot of time, measuring and searching if you just choose an adjustable base also for sale from Leesa. Depending on your mattress needs, they’ll find a suitable base for your needs – and you can adjust the height as needed.

Platforms beds are great if you want to spend less money on a base and a little more money on a great mattress; that’s not the only advantage to them, though. Platform beds can be really great if you’re looking to save your back, too – they can be much lighter than a traditional mattress base while still doing the same thing.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right mattress for your needs is essential if you want to ensure you’re getting the right amount of quality sleep throughout the night – and feeling in the best shape possible for the next day; if you aren’t getting the right sleep on the right mattress, it can lead to a lot of pain, discomfort and the development of many common sleep disorders that can include insomnia.

Choosing the right mattress also ensures that you can have comfortable, quality sleep for years to come – and you’ll be healthier in general as a result when you’re getting the sleep that your body and mind deserves.

Leesa Mattress Vs Leesa Hybrid Mattress

The standard Leesa mattress isn’t your only choice when you’re looking for an excellent quality mattress – there’s another step up from the standard model, and you should consider it if you have any specialized sleeping needs such as an old back or neck injury, or if you have been experiencing issues with your current mattress choice for a long time.

Leesa also offers the Leesa Hybrid Mattress, which is their version of a luxury mattress made for people who have more special needs than others. What’s the main difference between the two? The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is a unique type of hybrid mattress that allows for great support from both foam and a specially designed spring system for an ever better night’s sleep.
If you’ve tried the Leesa mattress and you’d like to try the next step up that could be suited to your needs, then the Leesa Hybrid mattress is an excellent choice – ask them to try it for the trial period and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by just how much of a comfortable night’s sleep it can offer you.

If you have specialized needs, you should even be able to talk to your doctor about which of the two options could be better for your individual injury or condition. With your medical history and health condition in mind, they can help you to make some changes to what’s better for your health.


  • The Leesa Hybrid mattress takes an already-great mattress model and then improves on it by making it even better for a more comfortable sleeping experience. This is great for special needs and specific injuries that the original Leesa mattress might not be the best option for.
  • The Leesa Hybrid mattress offers that added level of thickness and support that you would want from a mattress – and it doesn’t disappoint.
  • The guarantee on the Leesa Hybrid lasts for as long as other Leesa products, and the level of confidence and support they offer you with the Leesa mattress is just as great as you would expect from a company that prefers to be consistent about quality.


  • The Leesa Hybrid mattress can be a lot harder to clean in the long run, and you might have to call in the services of a professional dry cleaner if you’ve spilled something particularly horrible.
  • If you’ve thought that the Leesa mattress feels a bit too heavy for you when you’re shifting it around, the Leesa Hybrid mattress can be even heavier – although neither of them are cumbersome.
  • Springs just aren’t a lot of people’s idea of a great night’s sleep, and they might want something that offers them more memory foam-based support, in which case the original and standard Leesa makes for the better choice between the two.

Leesa Mattress Vs Leesa Hybrid Mattress Comparison

So, what’s the big difference? Here’s how the Leesa mattress & Leesa Hybrid mattress match up when they’re compared at the most essential factors.

Comfort Level

Different beds are comfortable for different people, and both the Leesa and Leesa Hybrid are equally comfortable – but it will depend on what your individual needs are. Those with specific injuries should find that the Leesa Hybrid is more comfortable for this.

Which type of sleeper this mattress is for?

The Leesa mattress and Leesa Hybrid are both perfectly designed for most types of sleepers, and there’s good reason for why: It’s made by the same manufacturers, and it’s designed to be great for any type of sleeper at once so that it can match up with even the type of sleepers who switch positions several times a night. Are you one of those?

Mattress Materials

The Leesa mattress prides itself on its three-layer foam construction – and it’s part of what makes it a great, comfortable mattress to sleep on. The Leesa Hybrid mattress, on the other hand, contains slightly thicker padding – and a combination of specially designed springs and memory foam that helps to make it a great mattress for the luxury you’ve been waiting for.
In both cases, material is both durable and hypoallergenic – always a plus!

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