Molecule Mattress Review

Molecule Mattress Review

by Si

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Molecule Mattress Review

The Molecule Mattress is a high quality memory foam mattress with expert engineering and numerous innovative technologies. But can it help you to combat poor sleep and improve your overall energy, health, and happiness?

Sleep is one of the most important things for your health and has a huge impact on how you perform and feel in both the short term, and the long term. In the short term, sleep will help to remove toxins from the brain, thereby helping you to feel sharper, more awake, and more alert. This can boost your mood, improve your memory, prevent headaches, and generally optimize your performance.

Athletes love sleep because it increases the production of hormones that help to encourage muscle growth and recovery from workouts. And our immune systems love sleep because it gives them a chance to battle invaders and prevent illness.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have much idea about how to get more sleep or how to get better sleep. There are so many different sleep hacks out there that promise to help you get this vaunted sleep. They involve things like avoiding blue light, and taking showers, wearing socks, even lying on a bed of pins (no kidding!).

And yet so many people forget the obvious thing: buying a great mattress! The Molecule Mattress may just be that mattress… let’s see if our Molecule Mattress Review can help

Mattress Type

Molecule Mattress Review

This is a memory foam mattress, which means that it uses a special foam that is designed to morph and conform to the body as you sleep. This makes it comfortable because there is no hard resistance, rather you will simply sink into the shape of the bed and even may feel slightly embraced by it as the mattress shapes itself around your outline.

The mattress is designed in order to place the focus most firmly on recovery. This is the important process that the body goes through as you sleep, healing wounds, restoring bone and muscle tissue, and even helping the brain to form new neural connections and clear out toxins.

Athletes consider recovery to be an incredibly important aspect of sleep, as it helps them to continue performing at their highest level without becoming ill or feeling tired


  • Particularly cooling helps to encourage more time in the deepest levels of sleep – ensuring better recovery.
  • Very good value
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Minimal motion transfer, sinking, off-gassing, and other issues
  • Supportive


  • Memory foam isn’t for everyone and this mattress does nothing to address that
  • Strong new mattress smell
  • Lacks some of the more advanced technologies seen in other mattresses – but those are typically much more expensive and specific to certain issues.

Mattress Materials

To create the mattress, a technique called Variable Pressure Foaming has been used. This is particularly known for being highly environmentally friendly and that means that you can sleep easy knowing that it isn’t going to cause any harm to the planet (you see what we did there?).

The mattress also uses a unique technique called ‘air engineering’ which should provide more optimal sleep.

As with many of the most premium modern mattresses, the Molecule Mattress is made up of three different layers that together combine to create a 12.25” bed with a lot of different advantages.

Molecule Mattress Layers & Materials

Mattress Layers

Top Layer - MolecularFlo

The top layer is made from a 3-inch thick MolecularFlo layer. This is a proprietary technology that has a density of 3lbs. It uses a very airyated open-cell design that is constructed to keep air flow in mind. Air easily passes through, which helps to keep the body feeling cooler, even in warmer room temperatures, and this helps to encourage greater deep sleep.

Second Layer - RecoveryFlo

The second layer of the bed is made of two-inch thick ‘RecoveryFlo’ material. This is slightly lighter at 1.65lbs density and utilizes a hexagonal and diamond shaped construction. This is once again designed to keep airflow in mind at the deepest pressure points. It also helps to offer targeted support to the body to ensure a deep sleep.

Third Layer – ContourFlo

The third layer is the 1.5lb contor layer. The idea of this layer is to serve as the base, while also ensuring that it remains breathable and conforming.

The entire mattress is wrapped in an Advanced cover, which further improves air flow and moisture wicking.

Mattress Comfort

This mattress is rated as having a medium-firm level. That means that it would score somewhere around 6.5 on the firmness scale out of ten. This is just higher than average then, while still being very much moderate and certainly not too hard for most people.

Everyone is different and we all have different levels of firmness that we prefer. But with that said, around 78% of sleepers have reported that they prefer a medium level of firmness – meaning that this mattress should appeal to the largest demographic and thereby be a good choice for a large audience.

The other thing to consider is how much support and comfort he mattress can offer. This is again where a medium level is important. If the mattress is too hard, it can be difficult to get to sleep and can also cause headaches. On the other hand though, if the mattress is too soft, then it will lack the support for the joints that it might need. This can cause the spine to sag and bow in certain spots, which in turn can be a problem when you wake up.

Mattress Firmness

This level of comfortable firmness is actually a common feature of memory foam mattresses and we would say that this is a somewhat average performance in that regard.

However, not everyone is going to be as taken with this choice, and it is very much a matter of personal preference. Memory foam is liked by many for its ability to contor around the sleeper. This hugs your body and ensures that you don’t feel any hard resistance. At the same time, it means that you don’t have too much bounce and won’t feel any particular springs poking into your body – which can be an issue with the most poorly made sprung mattresses.

But others find that memory foam isn’t for them. The lack of spring and bounce is something that some users have a hard time getting used to, and it can also be somewhat clawing and hot. The latter issue is something that the Molecule Mattress has essentially eliminated however – so if you haven’t enjoyed memory foam mattresses in the past for this reason, it’s still probably worth at least giving this one a try!

Edge Support

When you sleep on the Molecule Mattress, you will likely find that it feels supportive throughout the entire body. However, something else to lookout for is how this holds up when you role toward the edges of the mattress, or when you lie right in the middle.

The first issue is what we call ‘edge support’. Edge support refers to the tendency for certain mattress to compress and bend at the edges when you roll onto them. This can be a problem as in some cases it can actually end up rolling you off the bed!

Memory foam mattresses have this problem to a lesser extent, due to the even distribution of the foam layers across the entire expanse of the bed.

Sinking is a problem particularly with sprung mattresses. This occurs when after sleeping on the same middle springs night after night, they begin to lose some of their strength – creating a physical dip in the middle of the mattress.

This is less of an issue with any memory foam mattress because the nature of the material means that it will always return to its original shape. Nevertheless, it can occasionally rear its head, so its reassuring to know that the Molecule Mattress has been designed with that in mind and does a great job of keeping it to a minimum.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer refers to the tendency for some mattresses to let motion ‘travel’ across the bed. Of course this is the most significant issue when you sleep in bed with a partner. If they roll over or sit up suddenly, this can cause a shockwave that travels across the bed and ends up waking you up.

It has been speculated that humans were never meant to sleep together, which explains why so many of us sleep much worse in relationships. The solution then is to get a memory foam mattress which is far less prone to this problem. That goes for the molecule mattress as well.

Heat and Off Gassing

Off gassing refers to the tendency for some mattresses to release unwanted fumes and chemicals into the air. Some mattresses are created using chemicals, plastics and other materials that can lead to bad odors as well as other health problems. This can cause skin irritation and might even lead to more serious health problems down the line.

The Molecule mattress though has been designed using entirely non-toxic and antimicrobial materials, thereby ensuring that you won’t experience any skin irritation or be inhaling fumes that you shouldn’t.

With all that said though, do keep in mind that any new mattress will often have a ‘new mattress smell’. This is a little worse for memory foam mattresses, so that’s something to keep in mind if you are very sensitive to it. Follow the instructions and give it time to air! Meanwhile, know that none of those odors are coming from anything toxic or harmful – you’re safe!

Heat Dissipation

Heat is managed through what is referred to as heat transfer technology. This is designed in order to help combat high body temperatures and generally encourage sounder and healthier sleep as a result. This is a big part of what helps the mattress to provide a more optimal ‘recovery’ during sleep. In particular, because the mattress uses better heat dissipation, it is able to increase the amount of time spent in slow wave sleep – or SW Sleep. This is the deepest sleep stage and is widely thought by researchers to be the most important when it comes to removing unwanted toxins from the brain and helping to improve performance the next day. In fact, recent studies show that spending more time in slow wave sleep actually boosts performance in memory tests as you get older.

Slow wave sleep also aids with muscle recovery, healing, and the production of crucial hormones like growth hormones and testosterone. This makes it particularly crucial for athletes.

Trial & Warranty

The Molecule Mattress is one of the more affordable mattresses that we’ve looked at so far. As with many other similar mattresses competing with it, you can also get a 100 night risk free sleep trial.

What’s more – and what’s particularly impressive – is that you actually get a lifetime warranty with this mattress. That means that you can take it back at any point in your life, rather than being limited to just the usual ten years. This is not only a great value offer, but it also offers some insight into the confidence that the manufacturers have in their product – they expect it to last a long time!

Final Thoughts

No mattress is perfect and that’s simply because we’re all different. Ultimately, you will either like a memory foam mattress or you won’t – and there is nothing that this mattress can do to change that. But with that said, you’ll find that this memory foam mattress is one of the best out there in terms of the way it has been designed. Thus, if you are someone who does like memory foam… then you’re going to love this mattress.

PLUS the heavy focus on cooling and enhancing the slow wave sleep is an excellent decision that has noticeable benefits and will help you feel and perform better the following day.

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