Novosbed Mattress Review

Novosbed Mattress Review

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Novosbed Mattress Review

The Novosbed mattress bills itself as a luxury mattress, but has a price range that makes it affordable to people who want a good night’s sleep on a tight budget. This memory foam mattress comes in multiple firmness levels and has a long-lasting warranty that makes it a good investment for people who prioritize the quality of their sleep. The mattress fits most bed types and comes with an elastic core cover that protects the foam layers without compromising their quality even after years of use.

Mattress Type

The Novosbed mattress is a memory foam mattress that comes in three different varieties, depending on the level of firmness you want in your bed. Each of the three styles has a total of 11 inches of thickness and multiple memory foam layers designed to promote comfort and breathability. The main difference between the three comfort levels is the thickness of the support foam layer. For those who want a softer mattress, the foam layer is six inches, allowing for more soft foam above it. Those who want firmer support can make use of a seven-inch support layer. The mattress types come in soft, medium, and firm varieties. Those who sleep on their backs exclusively might benefit from the soft mattress, while others might prefer the medium or firm mattress. Not surprisingly, the medium mattress is most popular and fits the highest number of sleeping styles.


One of the top benefits of the Novosbed is its flexibility, with three different firmness options to choose from. The combination of a 120 night free trial period and a comfort kit that comes with the mattress helps to guarantee that you get the exact level of firmness you want.


While the Novosbed does wick heat fairly effectively, some users have complained of slight heat retention, which can be a problem for sensitive sleepers. The mattress also lacks strong edge support, making twin or full sizes less comfortable if you sleep near the edge.

Novosbed Mattresses

Mattress Layers & Materials

Each level of firmness with the Novosbed mattress has subtle changes depending on the level of support needed, but all Novosbed mattresses use a total of six different layers. The layers used in this foam mattress are as follows:

Novosbed Mattress Layers

Ultra-soft, Moisture-wicking, Washable Cover

The washable cover is made of an eco-friendly Tencel weave. This cover is super soft and breathable, designed to regulate temperature and remain free of moisture even on very humid nights. This cover can be removed and machine-washed if desired.

InterLock Blue™ Core Cover

Novosbed Mattress Bed

Below the cover lies a layer made of Novosbed’s special InterLock Blue technology. This layer provides a two-way stretch that helps to protect the foam layers beneath it. The InterLock Blue layer also provides additional moisture protection and temperature control.

2" High-Density Airflow Gel Foam

For soft Novosbed mattresses, the next layer is made of high-density airflow gel foam. This is a highly breathable and soft memory foam. For medium and firm Novosbed mattresses, this layer is instead replaced by two inches of high-density airflow memory foam to provide a firmer rest while still keeping the mattress temperature consistent.

3" High Density Memory Foam

A high-density memory foam layer comes next. On soft beds, this is a three-inch thick layer that provides plush support to the sleeper. Medium and firm beds use a two-inch layer of high-density memory foam instead. This retains the plush comfort but gives more room for support layers.

6" Premium Support Foam

The next layer is a premium support foam layer that serves the same purpose as pocket-coil springs on a coil mattress. This layer is six inches thick for soft beds and seven inches thick for medium and firm beds. It helps to transfer motion on the mattress to ensure that other parts of the bed do not get disturbed.

Durable Upholstery Siding

Finally, the base and siding of the mattress uses textile grade upholstery, just like other high-grade furniture. This siding is durable, flexible, and slip-resistant, allowing the mattress to function at a high level even after years of use.

Bed Frame Compatibility

Regardless of the level of firmness you choose for your Novosbed, the mattress requires a solid base of foundation for support. The recommended bed frames and bases for this mattress include an adjustable or platform frame, a box foundation, or a slatted frame. In the case of a slatted frame, you need to make sure that the slats are two inches wide and no more than three inches apart. Anything narrower or wider can lead to the mattress losing its shape over the course of the night. If you have a box spring designed to support a traditional spring mattress, you should consider a base meant to support foam mattresses instead, as this will provide maximum comfort for the Novosbed mattress.

Warranty Information

The trial period and warranty for the Novosbed mattress are comparable to the industry standard, but slightly better in most respects. Like many manufacturers, Novosbed provides free shipping and returns. The trial period for this mattress is 120 nights long, but you have to give it at least 60 days before you return the mattress for a full refund. The mattress is built to last, and the warranty backs this up. If anything goes wrong with any of the foam layers over a period of 15 years, you can take advantage of the warranty period to get it repaired or replaced.

Overall, the Novosbed is a high-quality mattress with excellent foam materials inside. The adjustable level of firmness helps to guarantee that you will get a good night of sleep that is tailored preciously to your needs

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