Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress Review

by Si

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Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress Review

The Purple Mattress is quite a unique mattress, using Purple’s own innovative Purple Grid™ which are only in Purple Mattresses. Apart from the Purple Grid™, the Purple Mattress has many other great features, lets dive into our Purple Mattress Review and learn more about this amazing mattress.

The Purple Mattress suits you if you: -

Are a side and back sleeper

The Purple Mattress has great body support and caters to your body, making it comfortable for combo sleepers, who sleep on their side and back. This mattress is also great for sleepers are heavier and larger

Like a bouncy mattress

This mattress is easy to move around on and doesn’t have a sinking feeling. So, it’s very easy for combo sleepers to move around on and change sleeping position

Want a cooling mattress

With the Purple Grid™ layer providing airflows, this mattress is very cooling and works wonders for hot sleepers.

The Purple Mattress may not be for you if you: -

Prefer the normal type of mattresses

The Purple mattress uses new technology and is different to normal mattresses, so if you aren’t keen in trying new technology, then this may not be the mattress for you

Want to sink into your mattress

This mattress has a good bounce, and many have said it feels like they are sleeping on top of the mattress, instead of into it.

Are on a strict budget

The Purple Mattress does cost more compared to other mattresses, although it provides value over time, because it has amazing durability. So, if you are after a less pricy mattress, then this mattress may not be for you

Mattress Layers and Materials

The Purple Mattress went through an upgrade and now has a SoftFlex™ cover and additional edge support. Custom and made with super soft wave knit, the SoftFlex™ cover has lots of stretch, that increases the flexing of the Purple Grid™. The cover is also breathable and works well with the Purple Grid™ to give sleepers a nice cool sleep. Second layer is a 2” Purple Grid™, that is Balanced No Pressure® Support Engineered to give support straight to your pressure points and support other parts of your body. Lastly the final layers are two separate soft and responsive foam layers, that gives the sleeper firm supportive sleep.

Purple Mattress Review Layers

Purple Grid™

Purple Mattress Grid

In this review, the Purple Grid™ has been mentioned a few times and we want to go into details into what this is. The Purple Grid™ is made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer® and was created to provide comfort, by getting rid of pressure and still being soft and supportive. Its designed with many grids, an estimated 1,800+, giving the mattress lots of airflows and keeping the mattress cooling. Lastly the grid is very durable, due to the Hyper-Elastic Polymer® material and the grid never sinks.

Mattress Firmness

A mattress firmness is important when purchasing a new mattress, as everyone has different preference to firmness, so its important to find a mattress with the right firmness. For the Purple Mattress, it has a firmness of 6.5 – 7.0 out of 10.0, ranking it a medium firm – firm mattress. With this level of firmness, the Purple Mattress is ideal for sleepers who sleep on their side and backs, because all the mattress layers work together to provide support to pressure points and to the whole body.

Edge Support

The Purple Mattress had an upgrade in late 2019 and added dense foam sides to the mattress to increase edge support. The mattress also has a layer of its Purple Grid™ which wraps around the edges of the mattress and provides a good bounce on the edge. Edge support is very important to combo sleepers, as you may move around your bed whilst you sleep, so a mattress with good edge support will stop you from falling of the mattress.

Motion Transfer

If you are sharing a mattress with your partner, motion transfer is essential to an undisturbed sleep, as a mattress with good motion transfer, means you won’t feel movement when your partner moves around on the mattress. The Purple Mattress has a layer of Purple Grid™, which does a very good job in absorbing motion and really minimizing motion transfer.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Purple Mattress is compatible with most types of bed frames, so there shouldn’t be an issue placing this on your current bed frame, platform etc. However, its recommended to not use the Purple Mattress with a box spring, as it will affect the feel of the Purple Mattress.

Warranty & Trial

The Purple Mattress has 10-year warranty and offers 100-nights trial. For the 100-night trials, you will need to try the mattress for a at least 21 nights, this will give your body time to get use to the mattress. If after 21 nights, you find that the mattress is not for you, then Purple will arrange for the mattress to be collected and will offer a full refund. This a great offering, as it allows you to try the mattress and return if its not for you.

Compare Purples Mattresses

Purple not only has 1 mattress, apart from the first Purple Mattress, Purple also offers the Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier. Both of which have an additional layer of responsive support coils and different firmness.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is a newer model to the Purple Mattress, with an additional layer of responsive support coils. The Purple Hybrid rates at 7.0 / 10.0 and is considered a medium firm mattress, making it suitable for side and back sleepers, although this mattress has also received positive reviews from stomach sleepers. Similar to the Purple Mattress, the hybrid model also has a mattress cover, however the newer Premium StretchMax Cover, this cover is ultra-breathable and has a soft premium stretch. This mattress also has a 2” Purple Grid as a second layer, which offers dynamic no pressure support and adapts to your sleeping position. Third layer is a transition foam that provides support to the next layer of Responsive Support Coils, that are 7.5” and gives further pressure relief and support to your whole body. The last layer is another transition foam, that provides a final layer of support and increases durability.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress is quite like the Purple Hybrid model, it is also made up of 4 layers, the the Purple Grid™, transition foams and responsive support coils. With the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress, customers have the choice of choosing the level of comfort for the Purple Grid™ layer. Customers can select between having a 3” or a 4” Purple Grid™.

The 3” Purple Grid™ has a firmness score of 6.5/10.0, which is medium firm, ideal for back and side sleepers. Whereas the 4” Purple Grid™ has a firmness score of 5.5/10.0, which is medium soft, ideal for stomach sleepers, however a lot of customer reviews shows that this is also suitable for all types of sleepers.

Purple Mattress Review – Wrap Up

The Purple Mattress is defiantly a top range memory foam mattress and brings a lot of comfort to sleepers. This mattress has a medium firm firmness and is best for side and back sleepers, as it has enough firmness and edge support to support sleepers who switch between sleeping on their side and back.

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