5 Tips On How To Help Back Pain

by Si

5 Tips On How To Help Back Pain

by Si

by Si

5 Tips On How To Help Your Back Pain

Back pain is very common among a range of people from various ages, knowing how to help back pain is essential. Whether it is a constant dull ache or a sudden sharp pain, back pains can negatively impact your everyday life, even while you are sleeping. While people can develop a pain in their back from various factors, most common pains in the lower pack usually recover within a few days or weeks. The tips below may be quite effective in preventing future back pains.

Maintain A Good Posture

If you have back pain, it may be due to your posture. Could be walking, sitting or even the way you brush your teeth. You may not know it, but these little incorrect postures all contribute to to back pain. So to help your back pain, remind yourself to straighten your posture, have someone look at the way you are walking, see if you can straighten your posture. If you work in an office, make sure your computer screens are at the correct height and try not to lean towards the screen, as this will strain your back.


Exercising regularly is a great way to maintain health. By doing exercises that strengthen your core, which are the muscles in your lower back, pelvis, abdomen and hips, it can help ease any back pains. Exercising your core regularly can prevent the risk of you straining your back as well as ease muscle tension and inflammation.


Watching Your Weight

Gaining weight can worsen any back pain you may currently have by shifting your centre of gravity therefore straining your lower back. If you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise may ease any strain on your back.


Adjusting Your Bag

It is better for you back to have a bag that distributes the weight evenly around your shoulder and back. This is done through the placement of the shoulders. Buying a bag or a briefcase that has a wide, adjustable strap that is long enough to reach over your head is great at distributing weight. Having the strap on the opposite shoulder of the bag can help ease the weight that is put on your shoulders and prevent back pains. If you are carrying a bag that has no strap or you prefer to keep your bag on one shoulder, make sure to frequently switch hands and/or shoulders to avoid putting strain on one side of your body.


Sleeping Position

Sometimes back pain is due to sleeping in the wrong position. If you find that this is the cause for your back pain perhaps try to change the way in which you sleep. If you prefer to sleep on your side, try sleeping with your knees pulled up slightly towards your chest. It is recommended for those who sleep on their backs to put a pillow under your knees and one under your lower back in order to ease any strain. Even though it is quite hard on your back, if you prefer to sleep on your stomach you should try placing a pillow under your hips to elevate tension.

If you find that changing your sleeping position does not help, your back pains could also be due to your mattress. The type of mattress you buy depends on your body type. A soft, perhaps memory foam, mattress can work well for those whose hips are wider than their waist as it will allow your spine to stay straight as you sleep. Yet a harder, firmer mattress may provide additional support for those whose hips and waist already line up straight.

However, mattresses are different for all types of people, it is recommended for you to try out various mattresses whether it be at a hotel, a mattress showroom or even at a friend’s house in order to determine which mattress will work ultimately work for you.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to help back pain, for example sleeping on a firmer mattress, seeing a chiropractor or getting massages. But the best treatment is to find the habits which are causing it, little changes to your daily posture can massively help your back pain, so make sure to have a look at your daily postures.

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