Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

by Si

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bear hybrid mattress review

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is a great addition to the Bear Mattress range, using a combination of premium foam and innerspring, this mattress gives great support to side and back sleepers and for those who sleep on a medium firm mattress. Our Bear Hybrid Mattress Review is an in depth review and aims to show who would benefit from this mattress.

The Bear Hybrid Mattress suits you if you: -

Are a side and back sleeper

This mattress uses a combination of top-quality foam and innersprings to react to your sleeping position and pressure points.

Share a bed with someone

The motion transfers this mattress has is exceptional, using pocketed coil system to reduce motion transfer and give great edge support. Making this mattress ideal, if your partner gets out of bed a lot.

Do a lot of manual work or athletic

The bear hybrid has Celliant’s FDA Determined Infrared Yarn Technology, which enhances tissue oxygen levels and improves sleep quality, health and wellness

The Bear Hybrid Mattress may not be for you if you: -

Want a soft or very firm mattress

This mattress is at a medium – medium firm level, therefore it won’t suit someone looking for a very soft or a very firm mattress. There is also no choice to change the mattress firmness

Are looking to spend less than $1000

The bear hybrid mattress costs slightly more, compared to other mattresses, with the twin size starting at $1090. Although Bear Mattress do have discounts and offers throughout the year, so make sure to have a look.

Sleep on your stomach

Due to the mattress firmness level, this mattress isn’t soft enough for a stomach sleeper and may be uncomfortable.

Mattress Layers & Materials

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is made from high quality materials, with an aim to provide the most comfortable and cooling sleep. The first mattress layer is a Hand-Quilted Celliant® Fiber Top, which provides a comfy soft feeling to your skin. The second layer is a Hypersoft Cooling-gel Foam, that delivers a cloud and cooling feeling, whilst you sleep. Next is the third and fourth layer, both foam layers, the premium comfort foam & the responsive transition foam. These two foams adapt to your body sleeping position, provides pressure relief and airflow throughout the mattress. The fifth layer is Quantum Edge Coil System, which provides amazing edge support alignment. Lastly the last layer is a final High-Density Support Foam, which holds all the materials together and give the mattress long lasting durability.

Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness

When looking for a mattress, the firmness is very important and should be taken into consideration, as it will affect your sleep and your back comfort. In terms of the firmness for the Bear Hybrid Mattress, it rates at 6.1 firmness, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. This means the Bear Hybrid Mattress is a medium to medium firm one and is ideal for side and back sleepers. The 5 mattress layers provide different support and reacts to your body’s pressure points, making is very comfortable for back and side sleepers. This mattress is also great for couples who are sleeping on the same mattress, the pocketed coil system reduces motion transfer and also provides great edge support. Making it easy for one of you to move in and out of the mattress and not disturb your partner.

Edge Support

The bear hybrid mattress contains Quantum Edge Coil System, which provides great edge support alignment, making it easy to get in and out of bed, and reduces roll off. The edge are so strong, that they do not collapse when you sit on it.

Motion Transfer

If you share a bed with your partner, motion transfer in your mattress is very important. Motion transfer happens when either of you move on the mattress, this especially happens when one of you must get up earlier than the other. If a mattress has a good motion transfer, then you won’t be able to feel it, meaning your sleep won’t be disturbed.

With its pocketed coil system, the Bear Hybrid Mattress does an amazing job at reducing motion transfer, ensuring that you and your partner get a good nights sleep.

Warranty & Trial

The Bear Hybrid Mattress has a 20 year limited warranty and offers a risk free trial. The trial is for 100 nights and if you find its not suitable for you, then Bear will collect the mattress and give a full refund.

Compare Bear Mattresses

Even though the Bear Hybrid Mattress is a great mattress and has a lot cool features, it may not be for everyone, as some may prefer a firmer mattress. Bear also have 2 other mattresses, the Bear Pro and the Bear Mattress. Both of which are firmer than the Bear Hybrid and also have different features.

*Prices from 20th May 2020

Bear Mattress

The Bear Mattress is made of memory foam and has a firmness of 7.1/10.0, a medium firm to firm mattress, which is ideal for those who sleep on their back and stomach. With 3 different layers of memory foam, this mattress curves and molds to your sleeping shape, and provides great support to your back and spine. The mattress has a Breathable Celliant® Cover, which provides a soft cushion to your skin. The first layer is a Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam, that helps to keep the mattress cool and gives you a nice cool sleep. Second layer is a Responsive Transition Foam, this foam provides pressure relief and gives a balance support. Lastly the final foam is the High-Density Support Foam, this gives support to the 2 layers above it and provides durability, which will last for years.

Bear Pro Mattress

The Bear Pro Mattress is the latest mattress edition to Bear. Made with 4 layers of memory foam and has a firmness of 6.5/10.0, a medium firm mattress, which is best for back and side sleepers. The first layer is a Copper-infused Foam, this foam keeps the mattress cooler and provides a clean sleep. Second layer is a Gel Memory Foam, which works with the first layer to remove excess body heat and contributes to a cooling sleep. Next layer is a Responsive Transition Foam, which provides pressure relief and support throughout your body. The last layer is a High-Density Support Foam, this layer provides support to the above layers and gives the mattress long durability.

Bear Pro Mattress

How to Unbox The Bear Hybrid Mattress?

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is very easy to unbox, being a bed in box mattress, it will be delivered vacuum sealed in a box. Although it can be unboxed with one person, if you have someone else who could help, that would be awesome. When your mattress arrives, take it to the room where the mattress will be used, place the box on the bed frame, foundation etc, then open the box and simply slide the vacuum sealed mattress out. Also open some windows if possible, in case the mattress has the usual new mattress smell.

Carefully use scissors to remove the outer plastic wrapping, then the mattress will begin to expand, but it will still be in the second layer of plastic, align the top of the mattress with the top of the bed frame. Then cut the plastic around the bed and remove, the mattress doesn’t take long to expand fully and is ready to be enjoyed on same day as delivery.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review – Wrap Up

Overall the Bear Hybrid Mattress is a great cooling mattress for back and side sleepers, the memory foams are all very high quality and provides great support to your back. The Cooper infused and gel memory foam also provides a cooling layer and is ideal for hot sleepers, or those in a hot location, especially perfect for hot summer. But the Bear Hybrid Mattress is not ideal for stomach sleepers, as it will be too firm, if you liked the look of this mattress, then why not look at the Bear Mattress, which is more for stomach sleepers.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is the Bear Hybrid Mattress made?

The Bear Hybrid mattress is made in the USA, in their Wisconsin factory.

  • How firm is the Bear Hybrid Mattress?

The firmness is rated at 6.1/10, which is a medium to medium firm firmness

  • How is the Bear Hybrid shipped?

Bear uses FedEx to deliver the Bear Hybrid Mattress and will arrive with the mattress vacuumed sealed in a box.

  • What is the warranty on the Bear Hybrid?

There is 20 years warranty on the Bear Hybrid Mattress. Full details here

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