Nectar Sleep Pillow Giveaway

Nectar Sleep Pillow Giveaway

by Si


Nectar Pillow Giveaway

Thinking of changing your pillow and trying a new one? Instead of buying one, why not enter our Nectar Pillow US Giveaway and have a chance of winning 2 Nectar Sleep Standard Pillows worth $150 combined. 

Made from memory foam, the Nectar pillow has a quilted memory foam outer shell with Tencel cooling fabric, which provides a cool sleep. The Nectar Sleep pillow comes overfilled, which allows you to customize the firmness of the pillow, allowing you to take control of your pillow. Read our Nectar Pillow Review



Nectar Pillow Giveaway




Enter our giveaway using the Gleam widget below above.


Giveaway Details

  • Entry – enter through the above Gleam widget. There are a few ways to enter, the more you enter, the more chances you have of winning. Only entries verified through Gleam widget will be counted. This giveaway is only available for residents in the US.
  • Duration – our giveaway is running from 9th March 2019 and ends on 7th April 2019
  • Prize – we will be giving away two (2) Nectar Sleep Standard Size Pillows
  • Eligibility – to enter our giveaway, you must be resident of the United States and at least 18 years of age
  • Winner – the winner will be randomly selected based on the total collected entries through Gleam. One (1) winner will be randomly selected within 72 hours of the giveaway finishing. We will then contact the winner via the email addresses supplied when entering the giveaway. The winner will then have 72 hours to respond to our email and accept their prize. Unfortunately if the winner does not respond within 72 hours period, then a new winner will be selected randomly. The winner must also provide a valid US postal address in order to claim their prize. Lastly the prize will be delivered to the winner via Amazon and their delivery service or from the brand’s official website.

If you don’t win this time round, don’t worry we will be running more giveaways in the future. So please follow us on social media for the latest giveaways.


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  1. I’d love to try something new. I always bunch my pillow up and push it around all night trying to get it just right

  2. The search for the perfect pillow is a hard one. That you can adjust the amount of fill in these Nectar pillows makes them that much more desirable. One size does not fit all. Thanks for giving them away!

  3. Awesome giveaway! I have bought new pillows in a long time. The Nectar Sleep Standard Pillows look comfortable and worth the cost! Thanks

  4. I love that the firmness level is customizable – how perfect is that! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  5. I love that you can adjust this pillow to the way that’s comfortable for you and that it can keep you cool too. Now that’s a perfect pillow…

  6. I have issues with pillows. Id like to try these pillows. I’m a side sleeper who needs a great pillow for my head and neck.

  7. I sleep so much better when I am cool. That these have cooling fabric makes them a pillow I would need for a good night’s sleep.

  8. Finding the right pillow is hard. I have tried many different types. The cool foam and being adjustable sounds good to me. Thanks for the chance!

  9. I’ve never had a quality pillow that helps deliver a great night sleep, I’d love to win these Nectar pillows to see if they’re what I need. This is an awesome prize… thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Something positive about the giveaway? Hmm… 😉 What’s positive is how you’re going to make someone very happy through your generosity. 🙂 Thank you!

  11. FANTASTIC NECTAR PILLOW GIVEAWAY! The pillows seem to confirm good & restful nightly sleep. They also support our neck from feeling stiff and painful. They keep us cool during the hot months. I take a lot of medicine so, besides having the AC on I have to have a fan right on me 24/7. I could really benefit from the Nectar Pillow. I’m totally intrigued with your Nectar Pillows. I’ll have to put them on a wish list.

  12. I really want one of these pillows! I love memory foam, and anything that helps keep me cool while I sleep. This pillow sounds much better than my current pillow.

  13. I LOVE the cooling layer! I have tried several other memory foam brands and they hold too much heat! The Nectar sleep pillow has a wonderful cooling fabric that keeps you nice and cool. Love Nectar Pillow!

  14. My husband uses this type of pillow ever since he suffered a back injury. It must have the right lift.

  15. My husband and I have been using the same pillows for quite a while. These look like great ones to try.

  16. Great giveaway. Thanks so much for this chance. I could really use an amazing pillow such as this one. This would help me in more ways then anyone would know.. Good luck all..

  17. I have so much trouble getting comfortable and tend to wake up with headaches and sore neck- I would love to try different pillows to find one that will help.

  18. Would love to win these pillows. I haven’t had a restful sleep in awhile with me trying to get my pillow comfortable enough.

  19. We are still struggling to find pillows that work. We would love to try these out. Thank you for the giveaway chance. It is appreciated.

  20. i really love the idea of being able to customize the firmness. There are days where I feel as if I need a different firmness because my body needs might be different than other nights.

  21. My current pillows are horrible and these looks so nice and very comfy! It would be so nice to have some comfy pillows!

  22. Could really use these. I get really hot at night with my cheap-o pillows. Also my current ones have poor neck support. These would definitely be an upgrade

  23. This would be an awesome win! I am constantly searching for a better pillow. I like that they are adjustable

  24. Honestly, this is the contest that I’m most excited about right now! I’ve wanted to try this pillow so bad and would love to win! Thank you so much for the opportunity; you guys are the best.

  25. I’ve been trying to find a comfortable pillow for a really long time. I’ve had brain, skull and spine surgery for Arnold-Chiari in 2014 and I haven’t found the right fit yet.

  26. Hubby and I both could use one of the amazing sounding pillows. We both need a pillow that will keep us cool during the night. I am going through menopause and he is taking hormone therapy since being diagnosed with cancer so we are constantly hot especially at night time.

  27. I would love these pillows. Thank you for having this giveaway. It’s not letting me submit, something about a duplicate comment?

  28. This looks great. I would love to thank you so much for featuring this fine giveaway, and look forward to following you in the future.

  29. I’m always looking for the perfect pillow. Im a side or tummy sleeper most of the time and I get so hot at night. Pillows make a world of a difference and hope I can experience the amazing comfort for myself.

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