Best Spring Mattress

Best Spring Mattress

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Best Spring Mattress

Our Best Spring Mattress Reviews (2022)

Spring mattresses, also known as innerspring mattresses or coil mattresses, are one of the oldest mattress types but are still going strong today due to their affordability, firmness, and constantly improving sleep technology. The best spring mattresses are designed to limit motion transfer from one part of the mattress to another while remaining cool and comfortable through a full night’s sleep. Although many people have begun moving toward latex or memory foam options, there is still a lot to be offered from a spring mattress. The feel of springs is comforting to many people, and many modern mattresses have improved the sleeping experience dramatically.

How To Choose The Best Spring Mattress

There are several reasons why people might prefer spring mattresses over more modern technology like latex or memory foam. For starters, spring mattresses tend to come in at a much lower price point than the alternatives, due largely to the fact that the technology has been around for so long. With the benefit of a solid steel core, spring mattresses are usually very durable, with less risk of crushed foam or sinkage over the life of the mattress.

When looking for the best spring mattress, its important to look into a few factors, such as which type of spring is best for you, how many springs, the coil type, mattress edge support, firmness etc.

Which Type Of Spring Mattress?

When shopping for a spring mattress, you will encounter mattresses which use a variety of spring types. There are pocket springs, bonnell coils, offset coils and continuous coils. Each of these spring type are all designed differently and offer a different type of comfort and price point. Lets have a look at each type.

Pocket Springs

Pocket Springs, are also known as pocket coils, and are springs individually wrapped in thin fabrics. Since they are individually wrapped, each pocketed spring can react to the sleeper body shape, meaning it can mold to the shape of a sleepers body, similar to memory foam.  The Pocket Springs are joined together without wires, this gives them the freedom to move around, mold the sleeper body shape and offer great motion transfer.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Bonnell Coils

The Bonnell Coils are also known as open coils, are more of traditional type of spring and are not wrapped in fabric. This type of coil is larger than pocket springs and most mattresses will have less Bonnell Coils, since the coils are large, whereas a mattress will have more pocket springs, since these are smaller. The Bonnell Coils are shaped like an hour glass and will expand depending on the amount of pressure applied, meaning mattresses with this type of coil can be on the firmer side.

Offset Coils

Offset coils like the Bonnell Coils also have an hourglass shape that reacts to body weight very well. This is a more expensive kind of coil, but it adjusts to body movement very well and creates a terrific contouring effect comparable to a memory foam mattress.

Continous Coils

Continuous coils are also know as Mira Coil, continuous coils are rows of coils, which are created using a single wire, imagine multiple S wires joined together. This layer of continuous coils are then joined together with a helical wire, like a sandwich, and forms interconnected coils. Mattresses made with continuous coils tend to be cheaper and firmer, since they are cheaper to make and the coils expand based on pressure.

Number Of Springs

The number of springs refer to the amount of springs or coils are used within the mattress. An average mattress will have 500 – 1500 coils, and the number of coils can indicate the lifespan and durability of a mattress, as a mattress with a high spring count tends to last longer and also offer better body contouring, since there are more springs to capture every part for your body.

Mattress Coil Gauge

A mattress coil gauge is the measurement of how thick the coil is within the mattress. When shopping for a spring mattress, its important to look at coil gauge, as it will contribute to the comfort of the mattress. Coil Gauge often range from 12-15, a lower coil gauge means the coil will be thicker and also means the spring is firmer. A high coil gauge is a thinner coil and means the spring will be less firmer.

Mattress Firmness

Customers who buy a spring mattress should want a mattress that stays cool and provides a relatively high degree of firmness. This mattress type is also excellent for those buying on a budget. On the other hand, people who have the money to spend and want something that provides more softness and bounce while still retaining long-term durability might be interested in memory foam or latex. Additionally, hybrid mattresses can provide the best of both worlds, giving the body contouring of foam with the support and zone control of modern springs.

Mattress Edge Support

Each of the different types of spring mattress provides good edge support and breathability. When choosing a mattress, you should consider your weight and medical needs as well as who else will use the bed. If you have specific pressure points that need relief, offset coils might work best for you. If you share the bed with somebody who tosses and turns, choosing a pocket spring mattress helps to isolate those motions so you can sleep better at night. Those who sleep alone and have no medical concerns can save money by choosing an open spring mattress.

Best Spring Mattresses - Top Picks

Spring mattresses have perhaps the most variety of all different mattress types – and are often used with other materials such as memory foam. Those looking for a new sleeping experience have many options to choose from, therefore we have put together our top picks for spring mattresses.

The Purple Hybrid Mattress

Purple Hybrid Mattress Discount

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Purple Mattress offers: –

  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • Financing available with Affirm – As low as 0% APR
  • 100 Night Trial
  • 10 year warranty
Purple Hybrid Mattress

We love the Purple Hybrid Mattress. While most other manufacturers are trying to think of ways to fill the spaces in your mattress, Purple is doing the exact opposite. What makes the Purple so unique, is it’s “Smart-Grid” found in the base of the bed.

The smart grid utilizes specialized foam, with nothing but air in-between the gaps in the structure. This design provides a similar effect to a hybrid set-up that offers springs in the base. However, the Smart-grid in the Purple Hybrid mattress has improved response over springs, providing excellent pressure relief in the right places.

The Purple Hybrid mattress comes in three different firmness rating, soft, medium, and firm. This range provides the ideal bed for any sleeping position. We found that the pressure relief on the Purple mattress was as good, if not better than the leading hybrid designs, and at a fraction of the price. The Purple Hybrid mattress offers excellent value for money, and it comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.


  • The intelligent design of the Smart-Grid provides excellent comfort and support.
  • Available in three different firmness grades.
  • Suitable for any sleeping position.
  • Excellent airflow through the mattress.


  • More expensive than the Original Purple Mattress.

Linenspa Memory Foam and Spring Hybrid Mattress

One of the internets best selling mattress, the Linenspa mattress is known for its comfort and affordability. The Linenspa hybrid mattress is made with memory foam and spring, combining pressure relief and full body support. This mattress has a spring base and a memory foam pillow top and a medium firm feel.

The Linenspa hybrid mattress comes with 10-year limited warranty and works with any base, from box spring to adjustable bases. This mattress is also delivered in a box, rolled up and will be ready to sleep on once expanded and fully ventilated.

Linenspa Memory Foam and Spring Mattress


  • Affordable
  • Contours to your body
  • Easy to set up


  • Not suitable for those of heavy weight
  • Some sleepers have noted that its less than medium firm

Signature Sleep Contour Hybrid Coil Memory Foam Spring Mattress

Want to wake up feeling refreshed? Then try the Signature Sleep Contour Hybrid mattress, made with memory foam and spring, this mattress is designed to contour to your body. The core of the mattress is made from independent encased coils and a memory foam top layer, eliminating any motion transfer disturbance during the night.

This memory foam and spring mattress has a firm level and is ideal for all types of sleepers, especially side sleepers, as there is a memory foam pillow top layer. The mattress comes with 10 year warranty and has a non removeable case to protect the mattress.

Signature Sleep Memory Foam and Spring Mattress


  • Independently encased coils
  • Great edge support
  • 10 years warranty
  • Simple delivery and easy to unpackage


  • Slightly on the heavy side, compared to other mattresses
  • Strong new mattress smell once opened

Modway Jenna Innerspring Mattress

The Modway Jenna Mattress is a hybrid design featuring 7.2-inch individually wrapped coils in the base, topped with layers of memory foam for a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. We like the Jenna for its hybrid design and affordability, making this mattress ideal for anyone looking to replace the beds in their guest house.

The Jenna comes with individually wrapped springs in the base. We find that this design improves edge support while providing excellent motion transfer over the sleep surface. On top of the springs, we see a felt layer to spate the springs from the foam. The first foam layer features an “egg-carton” style foam that conforms to your sleeping position, relieving pressure points.

The medium-firm feel of the bed makes it ideal for stomach and back sleepers, but side sleepers may find that they need a softer mattress to relieve the pressure on their shoulders and hips.

The plush 1-inch responsive memory foam on the top layer of the mattress conforms to your body, providing you with a comfortable and restorative sleep. The quilted polyester tight-top breathes well, allowing for enhanced airflow through the top layers of the mattress.

Modway Jenna Spring Mattress


  • Affordable.
  • Ideal for guest houses or kids beds.


  • Side sleepers may prefer the 14-inch version

SleepOvation Spring Mattress

Known to be the only mattress with individual support, this mattress contains 700 tiny mattresses, which uses patented cushion pocket spring technology. The SleepOvation mattress provides next level comfort, since each individual cushion cradles to your body shape, and provides great spine support. This mattress also has great cooling air channels, making it great for hot sleepers and provides a refreshing sleep.

The SleepOvation spring mattress comes with a removable zipped washable cover and is adjustable with different bed frames. When it comes to firmness, the SleepOvation mattress is a medium level and is ideal for all types of sleepers. Read our full SleepOvation mattress review

SleepOvation Spring Mattress


  • Individual cushions contours to your body shape
  • Great for spinal support, with Chiropractor endorsed
  • Cooling air channel, great for hot sleepers


  • More expensive compared to other spring mattresses
  • Currently has a 2-3 weeks shipping time, due to high demand

The Aviya Innerspring Mattress

Combining memory foam and springs in a high-quality hybrid mattress, the Aviya Innerspring mattress uses three layers of high-density foam to provide a feeling of plush comfort along with super-compact innersprings for motion isolation and edge support. The use of three different layers also adds a degree of customization to the mattress, so you can choose higher density foam if you prefer more firmness. This mattress is ideal for back and side sleepers, although it might be firmer than needed for stomach sleepers.

The three different firmness options available with the mattress provide levels ranging from as low as a 2 to 3 on a 10-point firmness scale to as high as an 8 to 9. This covers virtually every sleeping style. The foam layers provide additional support to pressure points, which can relieve tossing and turning. This is a good mattress if you have had trouble sleeping or have back problems. The motion isolation could be stronger but is still generally good enough to support multiple people with different sleeping habits.

Aviya Innerspring Mattress


  • Great edge support with their Edge Lift technology
  • 5 high performing layers
  • Ideal for all types of sleepers


  • Currently does not ship directly internationally
  • Some sleepers have noted that the mattress gets hot at night
  • Some have reported a strong new smell, therefore needs longer to air out

Saatva Innerspring Mattress

The Saatva Innerspring mattress provides more support and motion isolation than most comparable mattresses thanks to the fact that it doubles up on the number of coils used. The two layers of springs both contain individual pocket coils that help contour the body. The mattress has a variety of different firmness options, including plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. This makes the Saatva Innerspring mattress a well-rounded option that excels at motion isolation and holds its own in most other areas as well.

On a 10-point firmness scale, the Saatva plush soft is at a 3, the luxury firm is between 5 and 7, and the firm is at an 8. This covers most sleeping preferences, although is somebody prefers a mattress that they can sink into or one that is extremely firm, other mattresses might match those preferences better. The pocket coils of the Saatva makes this mattress ideal for multiple sleepers if their firmness preferences are roughly the same.

Saatva Innerspring Mattress


  • Customizable to fit your firmness needs.
  • Excellent lumbar support.
  • Very high quality materials.


  • Heavier than most mattresses due to two spring layers.
  • Springs can sometimes be noisy.

Alternative Mattress Type

For those who do not want a spring mattress or who just wish to compare the merits and flaws of this mattress type with other products, there are typically three other mattress groups: memory foam, hybrid, and latex – though granted most of the recommended products above were hybrid.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have become quite popular due to their softness, light weight, and affordability. These mattresses do tend to cost more than typical spring mattresses, but they are cheaper than latex. An all-memory foam mattress uses foam of differing densities to cushion the body and provide relief to pressure points.

Memory foam has a softer feel than spring mattresses, although this can lead to the feeling of people sinking into the mattress when they lie down. Individuals who are heavier than normal may feel this sinking sensation more than others. Memory foam also traps body heat, while coils provide better cooling. To offset this, most memory foam mattresses use cooling gel or grooves to allow for more airflow. Overall, these mattresses are ideal for individuals of average weight who want more softness in their sleeping experience.

Latex Mattress

Finally, latex mattresses use the same general construction as memory foam but use all-natural latex instead. This creates a mattress that has terrific bounce, and latex is often the only mattress type that can meet or exceed the bounce provided by springs. Latex also has no off-gassing process, which helps to reduce the new mattress smell that some foam-reliant mattresses have.

Unfortunately, latex tends to be much more expensive than a spring mattress, making it difficult for somebody on a tight budget. While latex has more support than most foam, some people can still feel the sinking experience that springs prevent. On the bright side, latex is very environmentally friendly, making this the greenest mattress type you can buy. Typically, latex is best for people who have more money to spend, value softness and bounce, and place a high value on eco-friendliness.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine springs with memory foam, latex, or sometimes both. Typically, a hybrid mattress eschews using the dense foundation layer of memory foam in exchange for a layer of springs. Usually, these are pocketed springs that provide better zone control. If the springs have the proper support around the outside, a hybrid mattress also provides excellent edge support.

Due to the combination of different materials, hybrids tend to be more expensive than spring-only mattresses. They do, however, provide a feeling of plush comfort that springs usually can’t manage on their own. The use of a spring layer keeps hybrids about as cool as spring mattresses. This is a good compromise for somebody who likes the feeling of springs but wants something a little softer.

Best Spring Mattress - Wrap Up

There are many different mattress types out there, but few have stood the test of time as well as a traditional spring mattress. Anybody who has back problems, needs additional lumbar support, or simply wants a sleeping experience that is firm both on the edges and in the center of the mattress should consider taking a look at what innerspring mattresses have to offer. With many different spring styles and technology continuing to advance further, this old-fashioned mattress style still has a lot to offer individuals who are on a budget or who place a high value on bounce and support.

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