7 Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

7 Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

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7 Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

The 7 Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress - Is it right for you?

Mattresses have been around for roughly more than 77,000 years. Over the years the mattress has evolved and developed to adapt to customer’s needs. One development is the hybrid mattress, which is made using combination of innersprings with memory foam, or latex. Let’s look at 7 benefits of a hybrid mattress.

1. Great value and long lasting

Most hybrid mattresses are made from top quality materials and is practically an important investment, with customers sleeping on their mattress for roughly 10 years and more. The structure of a hybrid mattress gives it extra years of lifeline and the use of high quality materials ensures the mattress doesn’t wear and tear.

2. Quiet and doesn’t squeak

Hybrid mattresses tend to be quieter than other types of mattress, the top memory foam layers absorb your weight and the innerspring layer gives additional support to reduce motion transfer and noise. Reducing motion transfer is also beneficial for those who share a mattress, as you won’t feel your partners movements on the mattress, giving you a peaceful undisturbed sleep.

3. Great comfort and responsiveness

With the combine use of memory foam or latex and innersprings, Hybrid mattresses gives a great balance of comfort and response. The top layer of memory foam or latex cradles your body and gives you a soft comfortable feel. Then the innersprings layer provides support for your body, making the hybrid mattress very good for those with neck or back pain.

4. Has excellent edge support

Edge support is the structure around the mattress, a mattress with good edge support will stop you from rolling off the mattress and provide enough support, so you can sit on the edge of the mattress.

Hybrid mattresses tend to have better edge support than pure memory foam and latex mattresses. This is because hybrid mattresses have the innerspring layer and a strong encasing will surround the whole mattresses, to ensure the innersprings stay in place. One example of this is the DreamCloud Premier mattress, which has an edge shield coil system. This gives the mattress superior edge support.

DreamCloud Premier Mattress

5. Cooling with extra air circulation

Hybrid Mattresses are made with a layer of innersprings and then memory foam or latex on top. The innerspring layer creates excellent airflow for the mattress, because there are gaps in between the innersprings and allows for air to circulate through the mattress. Compared to memory foam mattress, some of these will retain heat and gets warm during your sleep.

6. Versatile

Hybrid mattresses uses a combination of memory foams, latex and innersprings. Giving customers options to find a mattress which best suits their needs. With choices such as organic hybrid mattresses, or hybrid mattress which uses latex and innersprings.

There are many good quality hybrid mattresses on the market, providing great combination of materials and customisations, for example the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress allows customers to select the level of firmness.

7. Good for back pain

If you suffer from back pain and want a responsive mattress, that is also comfortable, then you should try a hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress has the comforting layer of memory foam or latex, this provides great comfort for your body and depending on the level of firmness, you may sink into the mattress or rest on top of it. Then the layer of innerspring or individually wrapped pocket springs will react your body weight and provide the right amount of support and bounce. This combination is great for those with back pain or a bad back, as it provides the right level of comfort and support for your body.

7 Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress – Wrap Up

A hybrid mattress has many benefits and will provide the best support and comfort, our article only covered the 7 benefits of a hybrid mattress, but there are many more. When looking for a hybrid mattress, it is important to know which firmness best suits your sleeping position, then this will determine how to customize your hybrid mattress. Depending on your sleeping position, you may want a plush pillow top or need a thicker layer of memory foam. So, it’s important to know your sleeping position and which firmness level would be best. Overall a hybrid mattress is suitable for many and will make a great long term mattress, in order to find the best hybrid mattress for yourself, be sure to research and try to test different hybrid mattress models.

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