Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya Mattress Review

by Si

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Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya Mattress Review (2022)

Our Aviya Mattress Review is an in-depth review, that investigates the benefits and disadvantages of the Aviya Mattress.

If you are having uncomfortable sleep, then it might be time to change your mattress, maybe you are sleeping on a full memory foam mattress or a full spring mattress, which is too hot or not supportive enough. If yes, then its defiantly time for a change.

Known to be a luxury innerspring mattress, the Aviya Mattress should defiantly be on your list of choice, for a high-quality innerspring foam mattress. Let’s dive into our review

Aviya Innerspring Mattress

Mattress Performance


Want an innerspring mattress

There are many memory foam mattresses on the market, but this may not suit you, so an innerspring mattress might be better.

Need a mattress with good edge support

The Aviya Mattress has a 3″ thick high density, 80 ILD foam edging which surrounds the mattress

Are after a good quality hybrid mattress

Although known to be an innerspring mattress, the Aviya Mattress also contain foam layers, which work very well with the innersprings.


Prefer a mattress with a thick memory foam layer

The Aviya mattress is mainly an innerspring mattress and only has a thin layer of foam

Are after a latex mattress

This mattress does not contain any latex materials

Mattress Layers & Materials

The Aviya mattress is an affordable high-quality innerspring mattress, which has a nice blend of comfort and support for your back. This mattress has 3 layers of high-density foam and supportive innersprings, a perfect combination to provide the best sleep. Firstly, the mattress is covered in a premium cotton quilting, next is 2 layers of high density foam, that resists sags and provides long lasting comfort. Next is a layer of wrapped innersprings core, that gives the mattress superior support. The innersprings are very high quality, made from 15-gauge steel, Aviya has also added additional innersprings in the middle of the mattress, to give the sleeper more support.  Next is another layer of 1” thick foam, that helps to transfer body weight evenly across the mattress. Lastly the mattress is wrapped in 3” thick high density, 80 ILD foam edging, which gives the mattress great edge support and will stop sleepers rolling off the mattress whilst sleeping.

Aviya Innerspring Mattress

Aviya Mattress Sizes

The Aviya Mattress is available in 6 different mattress size, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Cal King and King. After choosing the mattress size, you can also select the level of firmness, there are 3 different firmness to choose from, Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm.

Mattress Firmness

A mattress firmness is very important when buying a mattress, as your sleeping position will determine the firmness you need. For example, if you are a stomach sleeper, then a mattress towards the softer side will suit you best, but if you purchase a firm mattress, this may be uncomfortable for you and give you a bad sleep. With the Aviya mattress, it offers three different firmness options Plush, Luxury Firm & Firm.

The Plush comfort level is for those who prefer a softer mattress and sleeps on their stomach. With the Plush level, there are generous layers of plush foam and it will allow you to feel as though you are sinking into the mattress. Next is the Luxury Firm firmness, which is the most popular firmness choice and ideal for all types of sleepers, as this firmness level is right in the middle, not too soft and not too firm. Lastly there is a firm level of firmness, which is great for back sleepers, as your back will feel as though you are sleeping on the mattress, rather than in the mattress.

Aviya Mattress Firmness

Edge Support

A mattress edge support is very important, as a mattress with good edge support will stop you from rolling off the mattress and ensure that the mattress doesn’t collapse when pressure is placed on the edge. The Aviya mattress has a 3″ thick high density, 80 ILD foam edging, which wraps around the entire mattress and gives the mattress a strong edge support. Means you can comfortably sit on the edge of the mattress and it won’t collapse.

Aviya Mattress Review Edge Support

Motion Transfer

Motion Transfer is very important for sleepers who share their mattress with another, as a mattress with very good motion transfer will minimise movement that your partner makes whilst sleeping. So if your partner wakes up earlier than you for work, then a mattress with good motion transfer will minimise the movement and allowing your sleep to be undisturbed.

The Aviya mattress has very good motion transfer, when compared to other mattresses, as the layer of wrapped innersprings and the foam layer work together to minimise motion transfer.

Bed Frame Foundation Compatibility

The Aviya Mattress is compatible with many foundations, such as platform bed, slatted bed, adjustable bed frame, which are the usual foundations, since many sleepers prefer their bed to be higher off the floor. However, if you have a basic metal bed frame, then it is recommended to switch this with a foundation.

With the Aviya Mattress there is an option to add a mattress foundation with the mattress, which is made of premium materials, using Amish crafted wood components, heavy duty blocks and a strong center support rail. The Aviya mattress foundation will provide great level of support to the Aviya mattress and is 7” tall, but there is an additional cost for the mattress foundation.

Aviya Mattress Review Foundation

Trial & Warranty

There is a 100-night sleep trial with the Aviya Mattress, where sleepers can get a full refund if the mattress isn’t right. However, sleepers will need to sleep on the Aviya Mattress for at least 30 nights, as it takes time for your body to adjust to the mattress. If after 30 nights you decide that the Aviya mattress is defiantly not for you, then contact Aviya and they will arrange pick up and refund. The Aviya Mattress also has a 10-year new mattress replacement policy.

Aviya Mattress Vs.

Aviya Mattress Review – Wrap Up

Overall the Aviya Mattress is a very good choice for an innerspring mattress, with the foam layers, this mattress is very comfortable and has very good motion transfer, making it perfect for couples. The Aviya Mattress also allows you to select the level of firmness, which is a great option, as some mattress brand don’t offer this option.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Aviya Mattress made in the USA?

Yes, the Aviya Mattress is made in the USA, in their own factory in Cleveland

What is the Aviya Mattress made of?

The Aviya Mattress is made from a combination of foam and innersprings. There are 3 layers of foams and innersprings with 1600 coils. With the combination of both of these materials, the mattress absorbs and cushions pressure from the sleeper, this also contributes to the durability of the mattress.

Can a heating pad be used with the Aviya Mattress?

Yes, a heating pad can be used with the Aviya Mattress

Can an adjustable bed base be used with the Aviya Mattress?

The Aviya Mattress uses flexible foam rails, instead of a non-flexible metal border wire, so the mattress is adjustable to an adjustable bed base.

Does the Aviya Mattress contain any latex?

Nope, the Aviya Mattress does not contain any Latex. If you are after a latex mattress, have a look at our guide here.

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