LUCID Hybrid Mattress Review

LUCID Hybrid Mattress Review

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LUCID Hybrid Mattress Review

LUCID Hybrid Mattress Review

When researching for a mattress, you will come across many hybrid mattresses, some can be quite expensive, however there are affordable hybrid mattresses on the market. If you are after an affordable hybrid mattress, then keep reading our LUCID Hybrid mattress review


  • Made with bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infused foam
  • Great for stomach sleepers
  • Affordable and under $500


  • Not ideal for back sleepers
  • Quite soft
  • No choice of firmness

Mattress Type

The LUCID 12-inch hybrid mattress blends the best of both worlds. You get a base of springs topped with layers of advanced memory foam technology to produce a comfortable, supportive sleeping surface.

Most people prefer hybrids over pure memory foam mattresses for a few reasons. Hybrids tend to sleep cooler that all memory foam mattresses. Hybrids also weigh considerably less than pure memory foam beds, making them easier to move around and clean.

Mattress Layers

LUCID did not cut any corners in the design and construction of their 12-inch hybrid mattress. The memory foam in the top layers meets CertiPUR-US certification standards and includes unique bamboo, charcoal, and aloe vera infusions.

The top layer of charcoal and bamboo memory foam provides a soft, pressure relieving surface that wicks away moisture and disperses body heat, keeping you cool at night. The second aloe-vera memory foam layer enhances the cooling effect of the memory foam, reducing heat while absorbing pressure points and providing anti-microbial properties to the mattress.

The transition foam layer absorbs motion while retaining resilience in the sleeping surface. A base of independently wrapped coiled springs provides additional support and comfort. Finally, the hypoallergenic bamboo cover wicks away moisture while trapping dust, mites, and pathogens.


LUCID Hybrid Mattress Layers

LUCID Hybrid Mattress Size

Mattress Performance

When it comes to the performance of the LUCID, we think that this mattress is as good as the top hybrid brands on offer. The medium firmness of the sleeping surface still provides enough pressure relief for side sleepers. The LUCID also removes the “quicksand” feeling when getting out of bed, that’s so common in many softer memory foam models.

The mattress provides optimal spinal alignment for back sleepers, and it’s one of the few mattresses available that we think caters for the needs of stomach sleepers as well. However, back sleepers that prefer a soft bed probably won’t enjoy sleeping on the medium surface of the LUCID.

In this case, try out one of their softer memory foam models, or consider adding a mattress topper to the LUCID to improve the plush feel of the mattress.

Edge Support

The LUCID 12-inch mattress has excellent edge support. The combination of springs and a medium firmness in the memory foam layers keeps you in bed, with any sag in the center, or weakness in the edges. The medium firmness rating of the top layers also provides support when sitting on the side of the bed as well.

Material Quality

We think that the LUCID mattress offers top-quality materials in its design and construction. The Allow, bamboo, and charcoal infusions in their memory foam are class-leading technology on offer in the premium mattress brands.

All foams meet CertiPUR-US certification for material standards, and the hypoallergenic, breathable bamboo cover enhances airflow through the mattress, and it’s removable. However, we don’t recommend you remove the cover as it may be a chore to put it back on, and washing may shrink the materials.

LUCID Hybrid Mattress Edge Support

Motion Transfer

The 2-inch transition layer of responsive memory foam provides the LUCID mattress with excellent motion transfer throughout the layers of the mattress. The chances are that you won’t feel your partner get out of bed.

We decided to give the LUCID the acid test for motion transfer in a mattress. When we place a bowling ball on the right side of the mattress, and then climb into bed on the left-hand side – we experience no movement in the bowling ball.


This process involves the evaporation, or off-gassing” of volatile organic compounds, (VOCs) from the mattress. The majority of off-gassing happens at the factory before the manufacturer packages the bed for shipping.

However, upon unpacking your mattress, you may notice a strange odor, similar to the new car smell you get when driving a brand new car off of the lot. This off-gassing period lasts for a few days after you get your mattress, and there are no harmful chemicals involved in the process. Off-gassing in no way damages your health, and you don’t have to concern yourself about your children sleeping on the bed during this period either.

Firmness and Support

Most hybrid designs on the market come in a medium to medium-firm rating on the firmness scale. However, after spending a few nights on the LUCID 12-inch, we would say that this mattress errs more to the side of a medium-plush feel. It’s the closest to a true medium on the firmness scale that we can find, and we think that if this bed were a 10-inch model, it would have a medium-firm grading.

Despite the pressure-relieving memory foam layers, the mattress does not have that sinking feeling to it, but you still get a decent amount of contouring for pressure relief and enhanced comfort. We think that this is the ideal all-around bed to suit any sleeping style. However, if you prefer a soft bed, then you might want to look into a pure memory foam model instead.

LUCID Hybrid Mattress Firmness


The LUCID 12-inch hybrid mattress sleeps cool. The airflow through the spring base and gel-infused memory foam layers are excellent, dispersing body heat away from your body toward the edge of the mattress.

The bamboo, charcoal, and aloe vera infusions in the memory foam also make a significant contribution to regulating the temperature of the sleeping surface. Bamboo and charcoal absorb heat, while aloe vera provides a cooling effect to the surface of the mattress. The combination of the two infusions results in one of the most breathable mattresses on the market, suitable for the warmest climates.


The LUCID 12-inch hybrid mattress comes with a 10-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. However, this is typically the industry standard, nothing outstanding. It’s important to realize that the warranty does not cover damage to the bed through normal wear and tear. The warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects, like faulty stitching.


We were disappointed to learn that Lucid doesn’t offer a sleep trial on any of their products. Considering that most other brands offer a 100-night sleep trail alongside a 10-year warranty, we were kind of disappointed. However, we changed our tune on the discovery that the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee through Amazon.


When it comes to value for money, you can’t go wrong with the LUCID. This mattress is affordable, and it has all the features of hybrids that are two or three times the price. The LUCID also offers a full-size 12-inch bed, where many other brands only offer a 10-inch at the same price level.

We would highly recommend this mattress to anyone on a budget, and it’s the ideal bed if you’re a landlord or guesthouse owner looking to replace your old mattresses. The quality of the construction and materials used in the design and manufacture of this mattress make it one of the leading brands available at this price point. Considering the all-around performance and features combined with attractive and affordable pricing – the Lucid could be the best.

LUCID 10 inch Hybrid Mattress or LUCID 12 inch Hybrid Mattress?

The LUCID Hybrid mattress is available in 10 inches and 12 inches, and you may be asking yourself should I get a 10 or 12 inch mattress? The thickness of the mattress depends on your sleeping position and what you find is most comfortable for your body.

If you are looking for a mattress which is medium firmness and gives you great comfort. Then the LUCID 10 inch hybrid mattress will be a good match. The 10 inch size mattress has a layer of 2.5” bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infusions, then there is a 2” support foam and 5.5” of individually encased steel coils.

However, if you are looking for a softer mattress, which is plusher, then the 12 inch size mattress will be more suitable. The LUCID 12 inch hybrid mattress has a 2” bamboo charcoal memory foam top layer, then 1.5” aloe vera transition foam, 1” support foam and lastly 6.5” of encased coils.

LUCID Hybrid Mattress Reviews - Wrap Up

Overall the LUCID Hybrid mattress is a great mattress, made from bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infused foam, and invidually encased steel coils. This mattress is very supportive and cooling, the price point is also very appealing and affordable. We liked that the mattress was under $500 and is medium soft, so its ideal for side and stomach sleepers. Most mattresses tend to be firm, so its nice to see a mattress, which will suit stomach sleepers.

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