Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

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Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers (2022)

Do you sleep on your stomach? This position places your center of weight close to the mattress, putting pressure on the neck, back, hips and shoulders. As a result of spending your night asleep on your stomach, you may notice you frequently develop neck and back pain. Those stomach sleepers that sleep with their head turned to one side may also result in a limited range of motion when rotating their head.

People who sleep on the wrong type of mattress frequently experience muscular and skeletal problems, such as tight muscles and ligaments. In some cases, sleeping in this position leads to a degradation in the posture of the upper body, particularly around the neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers need a bed designed to support their sleeping habits. They require a supportive mattress that distributes the weight evenly across the entire surface. Unfortunately, stomach sleeping is such an uncommon position, that the majority of mattress manufacturers don’t produce models developed for this specific position. However, with a little research, it’s possible to find a mattress that suits your needs.

We put together this guide to help you wade through the many mattresses available and find the best range of products to suit stomach sleeping. Our guide takes into account mattress firmness, construction, and quality, to help you make an informed purchase decision on your next mattress.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Sleeping On Your Stomach

Less than 10-percent of all American adults sleep on their stomach, making it a unique sleeping position. Most of the people who choose to sleep in this position use the “freefall” position, where they sleep face down on the pillow, with the arms bent at the elbow next to the head and the legs extended, or one knee slightly bent. In some cases, stomach sleepers may turn their head to one side to allow for better breathing while they sleep.

Unfortunately, doctors state that this is the worst sleeping position because of the potential to develop pain and discomfort in the upper back and neck. Many people who sleep on their stomach report they suffer from neck and back pain during the day. People who sleep on their stomach may also develop the habit of turning their head, favoring either the right or left side.
Since we spend up to 8-hours or more asleep, sleeping with your head facing one side may induce structural imbalances in the neck, limiting the range of motion while turning the head. For example, if you sleep on your stomach with your head facing left, you may find that you don’t have the same range of motion in turning your neck to the right, as you do turning to the left.

Back, shoulder and hip pain are common in stomach sleepers since most American adults carry the majority of their weight in the midsection. When sleeping on the stomach, gravity pulls the spine toward the mattress, resulting in pain to the lower back as the curvature on the spine increases. This curvature also places additional pressure on the hips, causing symptoms of aching and pain in the lumbar region when waking or getting out of bed.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers may find they need a thin pillow to maintain spinal alignment. When it’s too thick, the upper back curves to meet the height of the pillow, placing a strain on the neck and shoulders as they try to sink toward the mattress. This misalignment results in neck pain and issues with posture as the shoulders slump forward to accommodate the elevation from the pillow.

Nighttime discomfort is also a problem for many stomach sleepers. These individuals may find that they spend additional time trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, making adjustments to pillow height. As a result, many stomach sleepers choose to sleep with their facer to one side, on the edge of the pillow to allow for easier breathing while asleep.
Anyone can tell you how difficult it is to change your sleeping position. Doctors say that its fine for expecting mothers to sleep on their stomachs while pregnant, but many find this a near impossibility, especially after the start of the second trimester. As a result, they have to change their sleeping position to their back, resulting in many nights of tossing and turning while their body adapts to the changes.

However, there are some advantages to sleeping on your stomach as well. Stomach sleepers rarely snore, and they seldom experience problems with gastrointestinal reflux when asleep.

Which Type Of Mattress Is Best?

Mattress manufacturers produce products featuring different types of materials and construction in their design. There are five types of mattresses to choose from when making your final selection.

Memory Foam

You can find memory foam in most beds on offer. This material contours closely to the shape of your body, allowing more sink in the heavier areas, such as the midsection. Memory foam is a popular addition in the upholstery layers of a mattress, and most pillow tops contain memory foam.
Some manufacturers use memory foam in the base layers of the mattress to replace traditional springs. This construction provides excellent support for stomach sleepers because the material adjusts to your sleeping position, providing more support for your back, neck, and shoulders.


Latex mattresses have similar characteristics to memory foam. The material offers exceptional comfort and excellent support that contours to the shape of your body. Latex mattresses are often less expensive than memory foam, while still maintaining all of the benefits associated with the material.
Memory foam mattresses can make you feel “stuck,” since the exceptional softness of the material prevents movement while asleep. Latex mattresses have more resilience to them, making it easier to move or shift your position.
As with memory foam mattresses, some manufacturers produce models that feature firmer latex in the base to replace springs.

Gel Foam

These mattresses come with memory foam, infused with gel particles during the manufacturing process. The mattress retains all of the properties of a memory foam mattress, including motion absorption, that allows you to sleep soundly, even when your partner is tossing and turning.
However, the infused gel particles provide better airflow through the mattress, drawing heat away from your body while you sleep. This gel infusion provides a cooler sleeping surface making gel foam a must for anyone that lives in a hot climate.


These mattresses have innerspring coils in the base, with a memory or gel foam pillow top. Most traditional mattresses have this construction, and stomach sleepers may find that the springs place additional tension on their upper and lower back.
However, a hybrid comes with a gel foam or memory foam pillowtop that helps the mattress conform closely to the contours of the body. These mattresses are lighter than solid memory foam, and typically don’t require turning like the conventional innerspring mattress.

Disadvantages of Innerspring Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Your final option for a mattress is one that you should avoid if you enjoy sleeping on your stomach. An innerspring mattress is an outdated technology, replaced by hybrid and memory foam mattresses in recent decades. However, many people make the mistake of buying these beds due to their cheap price tag. Considering we spend a third of our lives asleep, think of your new mattress an investment in your health, not an outlandish expense.
Innerspring mattresses typically collapse in the middle of the bed after a few years of use. This sagging results in additional pressure to the spine, shoulders, and hips of stomach sleepers. As a result, you end up with more pain and a mattress that has a shorter lifespan.
Innerspring mattresses don’t contour to the shape of your body, making it challenging for stomach sleepers to get comfortable. Since there’s no pillow top or memory foam in their construction, most innerspring mattresses feature no motion control, meaning your partner might wake you up if they’re tossing and turning in their sleep.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

A supportive mattress makes a massive difference to stomach sleepers. Support refers to the evenness and flatness of the surface, and a supportive mattress conforms to the body, allowing heavier areas to sink, while supporting lighter areas, such as the limbs. This feature allows for the best spinal alignment while you sleep.
When selecting your mattress, make sure you review these criteria before making your final purchase decision.

Mattress Layers

Different manufacturers use different grades and qualities of materials in their models. Once again, you get what you pay for, and you may find that the most expensive models feature the best materials available.
These high-quality mattresses have long lifespans and offer excellent functionality. Cheaper mattresses offer no additional comfort layers and will require replacement sooner than premium brands featuring foam, latex, or hybrid construction.

Here are the four types of mattresses you’ll come across while shopping online.

Memory Foam – Features a memory foam or polyfoam comfort layer with a high-density polyfoam supportive core.

Latex – Synthetic or natural latex comfort layer with a latex or high-density polyfoam core.

Hybrid – Memory foam or latex pillow top, with pocketed coil springs and a polyfoam base.

Innerspring – Pocketed coils, no supportive layer.

Mattress Support

After selecting the right firmness to suit your bodyweight, the next vital component of any mattress – is support. Your bed needs to provide support in the right areas, allowing for optimal spinal alignment while you sleep.
A mattress made with memory foam, or latex, will contour to the shape of your body. This feature allows your midsection to sink into the top layer of the mattress, removing the pressure from your spine. It’s important to consider what kind of pillow you’ll be using with your new bed as well.

Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness is the most critical characteristic of any product you’re interested in buying. Your body weight determines what you require from your mattress. Most manufacturers list firmness of their products on a scale of ‘1 to 10’ – with soft being ‘1’ and hard being a ‘10.’ However, most mattresses fall somewhere between the scale of a ‘3’ to an ‘8.’

If you weigh between 130 and 230-pounds, you’re best off with a ‘5’ – “medium-softness,” or a ‘6’ – “medium-firm.” These mattresses provide a comfortable sleeping surface that has minimal contouring, providing adequate support for the spine, neck, and shoulders.
Your personal preference plays a role in your decision, and some may prefer a slightly softer or harder bed, depending on their weight.

Here’s a brief guide to selecting the ideal mattress for your weight.

  • Less than 130 pounds – Medium-soft or softer.
  • 130 to 230 pounds – Medium to medium-firm.
  • More than 230 pounds- Medium-firm or firmer.


The price is the stumbling block for most people when selecting a new mattress. Premium brands can cost up to $5,000 for a king-size bed, while you can find the bottom-of-the-barrel mattress for $100. However, most models will fall between the $500 and $2,000 mark for a  latex, hybrid, or memory foam mattress. Your choice depends on what you can afford. However, we suggest that you stretch your budget a bit – after all, you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time on your new mattress.
Always check to see if your retailer offers free shipping, as hauling a mattress around the country can be an expensive exercise.

Warranty and Trial Periods

Most manufacturers supply a 10-year warranty with their products. However, it’s essential to research the terms of the warranty and ensure that there are no hidden clauses that refute a future claim. The manufacturer will typically cover any issues with the sleep surface, or defects in the layers or base. However, you won’t be able to claim for normal wear and tear.

Some manufacturers offer a sleep trial. During this phase, you have a chance to try the bed for free, and if you aren’t satisfied with the performance of the mattress, you can return it free of charge. Each manufacturer has specific
terms read their terms and conditions before agreeing to a trial.

Read online reviews of the mattress you’re interested in purchasing to get an idea of what you can expect from the model.

Our Top 4 Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Here are our top 4-choices for the best mattress for stomach sleepers.When selecting your mattress, make sure you review these criteria before making your final purchase decision.

Flash Furniture Capri Comfortable Sleep Hybrid Mattress

The Capri comfortable sleep mattress from Flash Furniture is the first product on our list. This hybrid mattress has a memory foam top, supported by 10-inch pocket spring coils for added comfort.

Flash furniture supply the mattress in a box, with most retailers offering countrywide delivery for free. Unpack the Capri from the packaging and lay it on your bed. Cut the cutline, and watch the mattress unfold to fit the frame of your bed perfectly while the springs release and the mattress puffs up.
The Capri features a medium-firm surface, suiting people weighing between 130 and 230-pounds. The mattress also comes with convenient handles on the side for easy movement. The blend of foam and springs in this mattress provides superior comfort, with the individually wrapped springs offering independent motion isolation for stomach sleepers.

The soft memory foam pillow top conforms to the contours of your body providing excellent comfort and support. The material cover allows for excellent air-flow, keeping you cool on warm nights.
Stomach sleepers will enjoy this mattress because it offers exceptional comfort, and a medium-firmness, allowing for optimal spinal alignment while you sleep. The soft pillow top – made from high-quality memory foam, conforms to the contours of your body. This feature lets your stomach to sink into the mattress while supporting your upper back, shoulders, and hips.

The hybrid construction provides ease of movement when you want to get out of bed, and you won’t have to worry about the “stuck” feeling that you might get with other solid foam mattresses. The individually wrapped springs allow you to move while your partner remains undisturbed.
We like this hybrid mattress, it’s light, affordable, and the perfect solution for stomach sleepers.

Flash Furniture Capri Comfortable Sleep Hybrid Mattress


  • Light and easy to move around.
  • A hybrid construction provides support from a foam pillowtop and individually wrapped springs.
  • Ideal for guesthouses.


  • Only 5-year limited warranty

LinenSpa Hybrid Mattresses

This model is another hybrid mattress with intelligent design. The 10-inch LinenSpa has a base of support foam, with a layer of inner-springs set below a comfort foam layer, supported by a memory foam top. The mattress has a medium firmness, suiting those stomach sleepers that prefer a slightly firmer bed.

The high-quality memory foam on the top layer conforms to the contours of your body, allowing your stomach to sink into the mattress, maintaining spinal alignment as you sleep. The moisture-wicking cover draws moisture away from your body, keeping you cool – even on the warmest nights.
The springs in this mattress stay silent, even after years of use, and LinenSpa offers a 10-year limited warranty on this model.

Stomach sleepers will enjoy the medium-firmness of this mattress. It provides motion isolation, so you won’t notice when your partner decides to get out of bed in the middle of the night. The mattress provides excellent lower lumbar support and keeps your hips at the right level to maintain spinal alignment throughout the night. CertiPUR-US certified, featuring non-toxic materials.

The LinenSpa is affordable, offering supreme levels of comfort and functionality that you would expect to find in a mattress with a higher price tag. Place your order, and your retailer will ship you the mattress in a box. Fit it to your bed frame and cut the packaging to release the mattress, it springs to life in a few seconds, and your bed is ready to use after a few hours.
The LinenSpa hybrid is an excellent and affordable choice that will suit individuals weighing between 130 and 230-pounds.

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers


  • 10-year warranty.
  • Affordable.
  • A hybrid construction.
  • Moisture-wicking cover.


  • The pillow tops memory foam layer is too thin.
  • Smells a little after unboxing, but the scent dissipates over a few days.

LUCID Latex Hybrid Mattress

This mattress suits heavy stomach sleepers that require excellent support and firmness while they sleep. It’s a medium-firm model, with every feature you could think of in a top-quality hybrid mattress.

The Lucid 12-inch mattress features a polyfoam base, with individually encased 6.5-inch steel coils. The coils are responsive, reducing motion on the surface of the bed, allowing you to sleep undisturbed, even if your partner is tossing and turning. 3-layers of memory foam sit on top of the springs, with latex and gel-infused memory foam layer that provides excellent air-flow, keeping you cool on the warmest evenings.

Stomach sleepers will love this mattress. The medium-firm, yet supportive foam layers allow your stomach to sink into the bed, maintaining spinal alignment while you sleep. The hybrid design of this bed is different from other models because the springs in the base come encased in foam. This design adds extra rigidity to the edges of the mattress, preventing any volume loss, even with the heaviest stomach sleepers.

Lucid classify this mattress as their flagship product and comparing it to other models in the range, and it’s easy to understand how it earned this moniker. Lucid offers a 10-year limited warranty protecting you from any manufacturing defects. However, we rate this brand as high-quality and have yet to meet a dissatisfied customer.

This mattress is definitely the top choice in this review if you can afford the purchase price. The Lucid has every feature you could think of in a hybrid mattress, and it’s the best model available for stomach sleepers.
Compressed and shipped direct to your door in a box, with most retailers covering free shipping. Just place the mattress on your bed, cut away the packaging and watch it rise.

LUCID Latex Hybrid Mattress Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers


  • Excellent durability.
  • Fantastic motion transfer isolation.
  • Good option for stomach sleepers weighing more than 200-pounds.


  • Slightly expensive compared to other models.
  • It’s a heavy mattress, weighing 103-pounds.

Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

Signature Sleep offers a range of high-quality products at an affordable price. This strategy has helped Signature Sleep rise to the top of the pack, and no mattress review is complete without mentioning at least one of their models.
We’ve selected the Contour 8-inch model to round out the products in this review. While many people may shy away from this mattress due to its 8-inch thickness, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you get the opportunity to test it in a shopping mall or retail outlet.

The Signature Sleep Contour 8 features high-density memory foam encasing individually wrapped springs for a comfortable night’s sleep. This mattress has a medium to medium-soft feel and suits lighter sleeper who weigh less than 185-pounds. We love the fact that the Contour is reversible, meaning you can flip the mattress to ensure even wear throughout its life.

The 7-inch, 15-gauge springs come independently encased, with over 800-coils found in the mattress. Manufactured with CertiPUR-US certified foam, and free of any toxins. The foam layer contains a polyfoam insulator pad for pressure-relieving comfort, topped with a high-density foam layer for comfort and support, and finished with fire-retardant barrier below the comfortable and breathable cover.

The mattress takes 72-hours to expand after unboxing, but it’s okay to sleep on it while it’s still growing, and you don’t have to worry about damaging it, thanks to the 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

This mattress works well for stomach sleepers thanks to the thick polyfoam layer that allows the stomach to sink into the bed, providing excellent spinal alignment. It may not have all the bells and whistles like the Lucid, but it’s an excellent entry-level mattress.

Signature Sleep Contour Encased Coil 8 Inch Mattress Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers


  • Cost-effective, entry-level mattress.
  • Excellent support for stomach sleepers weighing less than 185-pounds.
  • Individually wrapped coils for motion resistance.


  • Not suitable for individuals over 200-pounds.
  • We prefer more memory foam on the top layer.

Final Thoughts

Finding a mattress that works for stomach sleepers is a challenge, some are too firm, while others are too soft. Please pay attention to the firmness of the mattress you’re interested in and make sure it provides the proper support to your neck and back.

The five mattresses in this guide are all fantastic options for stomach sleepers, but you still need to settle on which one you think will provide the ideal firmness to suit your body type.

We recommend the Capri if you’re on a budget. This mattress has all the features of a top class mattress, without the expensive price tag. The Signature Sleep Contour offers an excellent mid-range mattress that has excellent construction and support for stomach sleepers. However, if you have the budget, we suggest you go for the Lucid. This top-of-the-range mattress provides a peaceful sleep every night.

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