Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

by Si

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Nectar Mattress Review

A good night’s sleep can be hard to find, but the Nectar Mattress can make it easier than ever. Combining adaptive memory foam, a breathable base layer, and a cooling cover, this mattress helps to control the temperature around you and make sure that you have the comfort and support necessary for a good night’s sleep. The Nectar mattress works with all frames and comes with a free trial that allows you to sleep on it and see for yourself how comfortable it can be. Read our full Nectar Mattress Review and see if this is the right mattress for you


People who have tried the Nectar mattress tend to be very satisfied with their purchase. The mattress is well-made and uses high-quality materials that work as they are intended to. It is affordable compared to most similarly constructed mattresses, and customers love the high level of flexibility offered by both the trial period and the warranty, as discussed below.


In terms of cons for the mattress, there is no option to choose a different firmness if you prefer something softer or firmer than average. That said, the mattress is configured to appeal to the largest number of sleepers possible. The edge support on the Nectar mattress is less than perfect, with the edges having less firmness than the center of the bed. This is not a problem for king or queen sized mattresses, but those who sleep on twin or full beds might find it to be an issue.

Mattress Type

The Nectar mattress uses high-quality memory foam from top to bottom, making this a foam mattress. Covering the foam layers is a Tencel cooling cover, and a breathable base layer at the bottom provides firmness and reinforcement. This mattress type is ideal for people who place a high value on comfort and who want support at every point in their body. As with most memory foam mattresses, this type of bedding works best for people who sleep on their back or sides. Those who sleep on their stomach can also get support, but this will leave your body in a less neutral position while you sleep.

Nectar - Best Sellers

Nectar Mattress Layers

Mattress Materials

The Nectar mattress has five different layers, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. The layers and the materials they use include the following:-

Tencel cooling cover made with long staple cotton. This custom-milled, quilted cover is designed to circulate fresh air through the mattress, ensuring that you don’t get too warm when you sleep. The cover is also bedbug resistant, giving mattress owners a chance to avoid those unwanted pests. However the cover is not removeable, so make sure to protect your new mattress with a mattress protector.

Next comes a layer of quilted gel memory foam. This layer of gel foam is designed to provide extra loft and comfort during the night. Like the cooling cover, it also offers a high level of breathability.

The third layer is made of gel memory foam. Using Nectar’s Lush Foam, this layer is constructed of premium quality memory foam, which absorbs and distributes heat evenly. The foam also helps to provide an even distribution of weight, which relieves pressure points and helps prevent pain, no matter how you sleep.

The next layer is comprised of adaptive Hi Core memory foam. This is a heavier brand of foam that provides support and firmness to the body, making sure that somebody sleeping on the bed doesn’t wind up sinking into it. This layer is also essential for allowing the bed to rebound and return to its original shape after a night of sleep.

Finally, the mattress ends with a breathable base layer. This layer is the firmest of them all, with a rated indentation load deflection (ILD) of 2.2 or higher. The base layer is also constructed of foam, and has specially designed channels to help bent air and ensure the breathability of the entire mattress.

Nectar Mattress Protector

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Barrier for dirt and dust
  • Resistant to allergens
  • Noiseless protection
  • Seamless, silky feel
  • Soft, quilted top layer
  • Guard against stains
  • Easy to machine wash
  • Super stretchy
  • Fits most bed up to 22”

The Nectar Mattress protector is a great addition to have with your Nectar Mattress. Made to be the invisible barrier to protect your mattress from dirt, stains, spills, pets, wear and tear. But also, to keep you sleeping cool and comfortable at night.

This luxury top quality mattress protector is 100% waterproof, so it will protect your mattress from spillage. If you are after a comfortable mattress protector, then this is right for you, this mattress protector is seamless and has a silky feel. It is also noiseless, so you won’t feel it moving around at night. Lastly it has a soft, quilted top layer, to give you extra comfort.

50-night final sale period – 5-year warranty – Free shipping & returns – Financing available

Nectar Mattress Sizes

When looking for a mattress, its important to know which mattress size you need, especially if you already have a bed frame or platform. Its important to make sure the mattress fits in bed frame. The Nectar Mattress is available in 6 sizes, twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and cal king, so there is defiantly a size right for you. Below are Nectar mattress dimensions and weight.

Nectar Mattress Unboxing

Its very easy to unbox the Nectar Mattress, your mattress will arrive in a box and you can easily unbox it in 3 easy steps.

Nectar Mattress Instructions

  1. Carefully remove the packaging
  2. Place the mattress in desired location & carefully remove the plastic layer
  3. Now let the Nectar Mattress expand

Nectar Mattress - How long to expand

The Nectar Mattress will take roughly 24-72 hours to fully expand, make sure to keep the room ventilated and let some fresh air in, this also helps to let out the new mattress smell. It could take the Nectar mattress longer to expand, as a few factors could affect it e.g. air pressure, humidity and ventilation. However you can sleep on the mattress straight away, without waiting for it to full expand. Once fully expanded, the Nectar Mattress will measure to 11 inches in depth.

If your Nectar mattress is not expanding, make sure to contact Nectar customer service straight away, who are super helpful and will help to resolve your problem.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Nectar mattress is one of the most flexible mattresses on the market today. Not only can it fit any traditional style of American bed, but it can fit most standard bed frame types as well. This includes box springs, divan bases, traditional frames, adjustable bases, and platform bases. The mattress is even firm enough that you can even lay it on the floor and still get enough support. Of the different frame types, traditional box springs are least useful for this mattress, as they are intended to support coil mattresses rather than foam ones. In terms of the best fit, Nectar has an adjustable frame that is intended for use specifically with this mattress. This frame can be adjusted to elevate certain parts of the mattress to allow you to fully customize your sleeping position.


In terms of both trial and warranty, the Nectar mattress has one of the most generous policies in the industry. You get free shipping and returns for your mattress, and Nectar can help you to remove your old mattress during the installation process. The trial period to determine whether or not you like the mattress is one of the longest in the industry, with a full year of no-obligation use before the return period closes. The Nectar mattress’ warranty is 10 years with no questions asked, and an additional lifetime warranty for repairs found to be a result of defects in manufacturing. This makes the purchase of a Nectar mattress as risk-free as you’re likely to find.

The Nectar mattress is a high quality, comfortable mattress that offers one of the best warranties in the entire industry. With a generous trial period and many satisfied customers, this brand has positioned itself very well as a leader in sleep technology.

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