How Much To Tip Mattress Delivery?

How Much To Tip Mattress Delivery?

by Si
how much to tip mattress delivery

How Much To Tip Mattress Delivery?

So, you have ordered a new mattress and having it delivered to your home soon, have you ever thought about how much to tip mattress delivery? And if you need to tip. We’ve done some research, as we were curious about this too and here’s what we found

Do you tip mattress delivery people and if yes, how much is ideal to tip? The first thing we need to clarify is you don’t have to tip if you do not want to, but from our research it seems most people tend to tip. From our research, we found the average tip for a mattress delivery was between $5 – $20 per delivery person. But how much to tip ultimately depends on how good the service was, also if you live in a building, which requires the delivery people to go up a few flights of stairs, then its best to tip. The more flights of stairs they have to go through, the higher the tip should be.

When should I tip for a mattress delivery?

There are times when its ideal to give a tip for a mattress delivery, but off course if you prefer not to tip, then that’s absolutely fine, it depends on your satisfaction with the delivery service and also your own preference. Some have said that they don’t tip delivery guys, but will offer cold drinks and snacks, which is also perfectly fine.

So how much should I tip? Let have a look at a few different scenarios and how much is the average tip

1. The delivery people deliver the mattress on your ground floor doorstep.

We found that in this scenario, most people will not tip, as they would need to take the mattress to the desired room.

2. Your mattress was carried beyond your front door, placed in your desired room and gave excellent service.

Most people would tip $5 per delivery person

3. The delivery guys take your mattress up 3 flights of stairs and places it in your desired room, also gave excellent service.

The average people would tip is $10 per delivery guy

If you prefer not to tip, then that’s completely fine as its down to your own preference and you may have paid already in delivery fee. For example, Mattress Firm charges extra in delivery fee, if your mattress needs to be carried up X number of stairs. So after paying extra in delivery fee, you may not want to tip, however if you still want to offer something, then offer a nice cold drink. Many delivery drivers would be grateful for a nice cold drink, especially on a hot summer day.

When Not To Tip Mattress Delivery

  • If the mattress was left at the front door, then we wouldn’t tip
  • If you have paid a lot in delivery fee
  • When the delivery drivers are rude
  • You don’t have to tip if you do not want to
  • If the delivery service was bad

How To Prepare Your Old Mattress For Pick Up

After buying your new mattress, you may have arranged for your old mattress to be collected too by the same delivery drivers. You can imagine, collecting someone old mattress that they may have slept in for over 10 years is not going to fun at all, so there are some things you can do to make this easier for the delivery drivers. Here are a few things you can do to make your old mattress collection easier.

  • Remove all the mattress bedding and let your mattress air out for a full day in a ventilated room.
  • Remove any mattress odours by spraying the mattress with a mattress spray
  • Cover your old mattress in a plastic cover or plastic bags, this will lock in any odours and make mattress handling easier.

Mattress Tipping – The Bottom Line

So how much to tip mattress delivery, the bottom line is there is no set amount to tip, it all depends on a few factors and off course your own preference. Remember you do not have to tip if you do not want to. However if you want to make someone’s day and did excellent service, then a little tip will be greatly appreciated.