TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow

TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow

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Tempur Pedic Body Pillow Review

TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow

TEMPUR-Pedic, known for its innovative foam technology, has brought comfort to the next level with its TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow. Designed for side sleepers and expectant mothers, the Body Pillow uses the company’s innovative TEMPUR Material filled with shapeable micro cushions that relieve pressure and provide support where you need it.

A body pillow can benefit restless sleepers. When you hold onto something supportive as you sleep, it lessens the urge to toss and turn.

Priced at $199, The TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow is an investment, you may be questioning whether it is worth the purchase. Today, we will be diving into the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow and help you decide whether it is the right body pillow for you.

What is the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow Made From?

The TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow is made of the company’s proprietary TEMPUR Material. Essentially, under the cover is a medium-firm block of slow-responding memory foam. At 48 inches long, 14 inches wide, with a height of 5.5 inches, this body pillow provides full-body support and helps alleviate pressure as you sleep. With a weight of over 7 pounds, the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow will not move during the night, ensuring you a peaceful night’s sleep.

The shape of the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow is unique through its use of micro cushions. It feels like bumps along with the pillow, designed to respond to the shape and pressure of your body.

The Knit Cover is made of a blend of polyester and nylon. It has a little bit of stretch and breathability, which is great for dissipating heat. You can remove the cover easily, and it can be machine washed on a gentle/ delicate wash. The cover should be left air dry to reduce the risk of shrinkage in the dryer.

Who Would Suit the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow?

Body pillows are great for those looking to reduce pressure points and improve overall sleep quality. Those who sleep on their side or stomach should look for additional support, like a body pillow, to encourage proper spinal alignment. The pillow can be placed along the back or between the legs to alleviate pressure. If you’re looking for a heavy, firm, and large pillow, the TEMPUR- Pedic might be a perfect option.

Designed with its proprietary foam, the TEMPUR Pedic is suitable for all sleepers as the material can offer better support and pressure relief than other alternatives. The foam is slow-responding, which means you will slowly feel the foam contour to your body and adjust its shape to provide you with targeted support. The weight of the foam will not decompress during the night and maintains its shape to support you all through the night. With the ability to contour to the sleeper’s body shape, you may find that the Body Pillow helps reduce any aches and pains.

TEMPUR Pedic created the Body Pillow with side sleepers and expectant mothers in mind. When pregnant, sleeping can prove to be a challenge, especially during the second and third trimesters. Back sleeping is generally discouraged due to the risk of compressing a major blood vessel that could affect the health of your body. As stomach sleeping is also not an option, this leaves side sleeping. Your growing bump can put increased pressure on your hips and back, causing discomfort. A body pillow is beneficial in providing support to various points such as your back, knees, and belly. These factors can help prevent aches and pains.

If you do not have space for pregnancy pillows, the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow is a great alternative. It is a substantial size to provide support where you need it.

Sleepers of a heavier build will also benefit from this body pillow, especially if you prefer to sleep on your stomach and side. You will find that the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow is a great weight and size to support you.

Who Wouldn’t Suit the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow?

For expectant mothers, a rectangular body pillow may not suit their sleeping needs. As it is one long shape, the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow does not have the flexibility or support as other body pillows. We recommend looking into C-shaped, U-shaped, and wedge pillows to determine which will better support you during pregnancy.

The TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow is medium firm which is ideal for support and comfort. However, you may find that the pillow is too firm for your sleeping needs. Sleepers of a small build might find that the Body Pillow does not offer you support. In some cases, a pillow that is too firm for you can cause aches and pains. If you find this happening, choose a plusher pillow.

It is important to take into consideration the size of this pillow. At 48 inches long, the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow will take up some room on your bed. If you sleep with a partner or have a small bed, this may be an issue.


  • Firmness and heaviness ensure the Body Pillow does not slip and slide during the night
  • Great support for sleepers of a heavy build, side and stomach sleepers, and expectant mothers
  • TEMPUR Material contours the body well


  • Large pillow that will take up a lot of bed space
  • Expensive at $199

How to Look After Your TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow

The TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow has a removable cover that is machine washable. It should be left to air dry. The TEMPUR foam material itself should not be washed.

The TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow - Final Thoughts

Sleeping with a body pillow can improve your sleep quality tremendously. With a product like the TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow, you will experience support and comfort, better spinal alignment, and reduced pressure pains. Due to the firmness and the largeness of the TEMPUR-Pedi Body Pillow, we think it is best suited for those of an average or heavier build. The pillow will give you great support and alleviate pressure points.

The TEMPUR Pedic Body Pillow is worth purchasing if you want a large and heavy pillow of medium firmness. It will offer sustainable support, especially if you are a back and side sleeper. The body pillow is a simple but beneficial addition to your bed that can reduce aches and pains and improves sleep quality.

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